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Top 10 Best Men’s Fragrances

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  1. Guys anyone know this " Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Men "
    Please tell what's ur opinion about it ?

  2. Great use of Charles & Eddie!

  3. She's beautiful! Lucky man.

    Great video. I enjoyed it. Creed aventus is the best in my opinion but if the young lady says it's not, then you must accept the verdict. The sole purpose of buying colognes (at least for me) is to please the ladies. At the end of the day it is them who you want to impress. Will try the CH and see what happens.
    By the way, gents, if you are looking for a panty dropper, then you are looking for a magic potion. Such a thing does not exists.

  4. I would get dizzy doing this
    Btw I think she likes the Creed one 'cause you're wearing it and I think she likes you … 

  5. Handsome Guy, Beautiful Girl, Sexy Fragrances, UGLY TOILET PAPER !!

  6. Raam Ramachandran

    She is cute

  7. Woaw…she looks like Olivia Wilde…

  8. Give her coffee beans

  9. She should of had a coffee bean cup or something to clear her nose of the smells. It u constantly smell one cologne after the other,u wont get the full scent of each as some linger in ur nose. Especially the light scent colognes

  10. TIP. SMELL coffee/coffee beans to clear your nose from smells. especially when testing fragrances.

  11. Will you try Copper Skies by Kerosene ?

  12. the first wrong thing is: you never spray on a tissue, it's either a plotter or your hands.
    second: normal noses can't go over 3 fragrances max, some go for 2 max.

    about that lady stating "man came out from shower and workout" for Chanel Sports, damn lady, how cheap are the men you were smelling wearing this 😛
    i bet she would throw up sniffing "O'Hira 777, or Oud Ankaa by Us Uzac" :p
    im sorry Jeremy but these are not fragrances, these are cheapos commercials, layer up to artistics rather than this things ;)

  13. Nice Breitling Chronomat Jeremy!!!

  14. You're supposed to smell coffee beans before every new scent brother… She would have totally different opinions about the fragrances

  15. Great Video! Btw, you should make your testers smell activated charcoal after they test one scent to neutralize their olfactory senses. just a tip

  16. Hehe how about CLinique happy for men

  17. Your sooo hot jeremy.. Philippines

  18. Omg. She looks like an ALIEN!!!!!

  19. Vive caron

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