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Top 10 Best Fall Fragrance/Perfume Designer List

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Jaguar Evolution Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce

  • Design House: JAGUAR EVOLUTION
  • Fragrance Notes: bergamot, mint, orange, basil, clary sage
JAGUAR EVOLUTION by for MEN EDT SPRAY 3.4 OZJAGUAR EVOLUTION by possesses a blend of bergamot, mint, orange, basil, clary sage

List Price: $ 25.00 Price: $ 14.52


  1. 10:2710:28 is hilarious LOL

  2. lmao at the circumcised animation LOL

  3. Jeremy what you think about M7 ??

  4. I was actually just about to buy The one and I watched this video for other options. So glad I watched it for the EDP recommendation.

  5. Great soundtrack. Bad Boys.

  6. stupid question but how do you put on cologne? like from a distance. ? how many sprays? I got the la nuit del homme.

  7. Jeremy, I love your videos AND I love this suit you are wearing! Can you tell me what suit this is? I want it :)

  8. My sincere respect To U Jeremy, i am a very handsome guy, have 50 bottles of colognes & love asian girls ! May U devote a video just for me so i can get lucky & find love in the asian community ! I had a crush on a lovely tall asian girl in NYC subway in april of 2014 !!! Haven't seen her since & her image is still burning in my heart :.( please find her for me pleeeeeaaaaase OMG :,(

  9. omg!!! i have D&G the one, but the bottle more dark, like chocolate. before this i hate the sense of it, but now i love it.

  10. hey jeremy

    what product do u use on your hair?

  11. you talkvery clear…and I love it..your accent is sexy

  12. Hahaha jxt wore la nuit de lome now,it's a great cologne mien

  13. Hahaha jxt wore la nuit de lome now.it's a great cologne

  14. Hahaha o jxt wore last nuit Dr lome now.yeah it's a great cologne

  15. yo hook me up with a bottle of anything pls

  16. This guy has 20 bottles of la nuit de l'homme? WTF?

  17. Thank you @jeremyfragrance for defending Versace Dreamer!!!!! Classy Gent

  18. CH Men is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sexiest sweet masculine scent by farrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  19. what about rochas ?

  20. can v chechk out weather its orginal or not???

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