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  1. Captain Colorado

    I was in high school from 97-01 and this was my go to. I cant wear it now because it just screams high school to me.

  2. soul winner for christ

    hey dan seeing that this is one of my all time favs wheres the best places to apply wrist chest and each side of the neck or middle neck where did you apply this when you tested it thanks joey

  3. RayRay PooteyTang

    Classic Americana….thanks for review!!    :{D

  4. soul winner for christ

    hey dan you have never heard from me before but i have been a fan for a long time and im a silent subscriber i love fresh sweet colognes whats the best fresh sweet cologne you have ever come across let me know and ill try it thanks

  5. Is this the same ass the tommy jeans fragrence

  6. I usually do 4 with this one. 1 on each side of the neck and one on each arm and maybe a shot to the shirt

  7. How many sprays???
    Please answer

  8. Rauzer Herrenberg

    Me likieee

  9. lol, I told one of the girls at work this, haha

  10. lol you know what you should do ? you should put your fingers in your asshole then ask one of those girls to sniff it lol great video btw thanks.

  11. waw finger eleven !! cheers ;))

  12. Fierce by A&F ADG is a great choice as well

  13. Fierce by A&F ADG is a great choice as well

  14. Fierce by A&F !!!!! ADG is a great choice as well

  15. Hey can someone tell me what to get… Im 15 yrs old in hs and i want something i like and girls will love its between acqua di gio an leau dissey… Btw i do hav some colognes including tommy

  16. LovelyLittleLullaby

    I just ordered this yesterday! There was a guy in the locker room wearing this and I loved it, so I had to check it out! And it lasts! Soon it will be mine! 😀

  17. Great review bud. I bought myself the small bottle last night because I have'nt smelled it since my last bottle ran out 3 years ago,and I must say that this is a great fragrance.Although it does work more for the younger crowd,but it 's a good fragrance to wear once in a while for the older folks as well.Very clean,and patriotic.

  18. Wow! Another oldie but goodie that I haven't smelled yet. At least I don't remember smelling this one. Must check it out! Thanks for the review!!

  19. this one has TERRIBLE longevity and projection for me. about 2-3 hours before it fades off.

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