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Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger Fragrance Cologne Review (1995)

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  1. Aquatic? Nope! 

  2. Bruno M. da Silva

    did they change the box and bottle? and if yes, is it the same scent?

    overall a must have cologne! this tommy, and polo sports from ralph lauren

  3. I LOVE this cologne! It's just a perfect smell for guys

  4. Benjamin Elliott

    I was in middle school right when Tommy Hilfiger was super fashionable and I'd dress in Tommy from head to toe. Of course the cologne was the finishing touch. I always thought it smelled really bright and metallic with a hint of black pepper. It makes me feel youthful and preppy and kind of sunny. :)

  5. Do u know if tommy by tommy is the same as tommy by tommy jeans?

  6. I'm 14 n I have this man this is a good ass cologne

  7. Mate is it similar to Versace Fraiche ?

  8. I couldn't afford tommy back in the mid 90s I wear it now tho lol

  9. sweet sweater!!

  10. From what I have found in my research, this has been reformulated. I ordered this based on reviews and it wasnt until after I had, i found that it comes in a different box now and has been reformulated.

  11. Hey marc I have a spare tommy cap if you need it let me know I'll send it your way. :)

  12. badcatmcconell1324

    Just picked this up today at wal mart for 20 bucks. Wasn't planning on buying it that day but seen it for so cheap I figured I would buy it. Not to bad for the price. Wouldn't says its my favorite but if you are on a budget it's a good cologne.

  13. How

  14. It really smells like apple pie. No joke !

  15. everytime i wear this , women comment on it cause this smell is one you cant forget from your memory.

  16. Great review as always!My favourite summer perfume!It's true,it has a moderate longevity!In a sea of Aqua di gio,Chanel alure sport and Issey Miyake addicted i think you're ok with this!

  17. one of my faves after almost 10 years lol, really compatible with my skin

  18. Rockin this today. Last long on my skin..love it! Great review Marc

  19. no new videos so watching old

  20. I see the sweater you're wearing is Tommy's too:)

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