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Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Review! YES.

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  1. drake compared this scent to cocaine, is there any truth to that? come on its the internet, who cares

  2. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather smelling like a brick 😵

  3. Smells like a chain smoking hooker on a bender….

    Vile, putrid stuff…

  4. This stuff is amazing. The smoke in this is unbeatable. You mentioned using one spray of tobacco vanille but how many do you use with Tuscan leather? And with however many sprays you use of Tuscan leather, how does it compare with a*men. I heard tobacco vanille is louder. 

  5. Jar reminds me of Toadfish of the tv show 'Neighbours' while Dave is like a younger version of the guy from 'American Pickers' :)

  6. Women can wear it, but it's first and foremost a masculine wonderful fragrance, and i cant understand why anyone compares it to an ashtray, not heard that one.
    Bought mine from Selfridge, London and was delighted with it, worth every penny, it joins my other two favourites Clive Christian C & Creed Irish Tweed.

  7. I also make perfume reviews but from a woman's perspective if you want to check that out 😊

  8. Try layering this with italian cypress. incredible mixture.

  9. I'm not even a leather frag fan but I love it! Indeed for a classy bad-ass (but also with a sweeter, kind-hearted side underneath his bad-ass aura and personality). My first thought was that it would have been Bruce Wayne's fragrance hahaha

  10. So this is not a female scent? I've been wearing it for a week now… Please tell me it's unisex 

  11. The Book Incarnate

    OUD??!! Oh, I'm getting this! T.V. wasn't masculine on me but this definitely will. POaL from Frederic Malle had that harsh smoke smell. Almost like a fire smoke. THAT is what I call rough!

  12. The Book Incarnate

    Most rough scents are sweet on me. I am picky on roughness and masculinity in fragrances. "Ashtray"? "Cocaine"? "Cigarettes"? All of that is what I'm hearing about. I'm buying a sample of this later.

  13. It is expensive like hell, but if you wana get laid you should have this for sure, thx for the review.

  14. Some people say this smells like an ashtray but I cannot fathom it! To me it smells like pure sex. My boyfriend isn't a huge fan of it but he bought it to please me. Thank you on another review!

  15. Your reviews are just the best.  When you say cold weather what exactly do you mean?  It hasn't been above freezing in February here in NY.

  16. i hope am not the only one that notices tuscan leather smells like aventus from creed?

  17. I just got a bottle of Tuscan Leather this week when I visited San Francisco. I was torn between TL and Noir de Noir, both of which smell amazing to me. I love TL for the berry note in it. Can't wait to try it in colder days. 

  18. Christopher T. Gray

    Just got it a week ago, and I love it! I've got so many compliments from both girls and guys, which is weird because guys usually don't compliment each other… Anyway, I love it and I'm gonna get another bottle when I run out.

  19. This scent is soooo good… Gotta cop it!

    8:29 AWW DAYUUUUMM!!! indeed.

  20. If I ever need to pick myself up and lighten my mood, I just watch this video and listen to Daver give his impression of how he and Jer reacted when they first smelled this.

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