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Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Cologne Fragrance Review (private blend) 2007!!

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  1. I don't think this is offensive at all. Its like a musky, raspberry with dry leather. I also get wasabi. People turn their nose up at wearing this in the summer. I see nothing wintery about it lol. Its not even that heavy. Just weird.. And gorgeous.

  2. What are the loudest niche fragrances in your collection? Like which ones do you get hours of beast projection? Like everyone says one million is THE designer projection monster but it's only like that for an hour or two. Then it's basically a skin scent

  3. At :11 did you just say tobacco naville? 

  4. Absolutely Amazing.  The Raspberry note blends with the leather to make a irresistible fragrance.  Dude you need to try Amber Absolute by Tom Ford.  It's been re-released in 4 weeks.

  5. I got a 7.5ml decant of this and when I first wore it I was not very impressed.  Does it have leather?  Check, a truckload of it.  Does it have good longevity?  Check, it will last longer than you will.  But maybe my sniffer was on leather overload when I first sampled it, since I have been getting into a lot of leather frags lately and was most recently impressed with Montale Aoud Leather (bought a 100ml bottle of that one).  As a result I wasn't initially keen on spending $$$ on Tuscan Leather.  And so I put it down for a while and didn't come back to it for a couple of weeks.  I wore it again yesterday, two sprays went on at about 9AM and I very much enjoyed it throughout the day and into the night.  I was mixing Manhattans at about 7:00PM and the scent was still going strong, though by this point projection had tapered off to just a little more than a skin scent.  I really, really enjoyed it.  I went to bed, woke up this morning at about 5:30AM, and could still smell traces of it on my wrist.  I was sold and ordered a 100ml bottle a few minutes ago.

  6. Time

  7. This stuff is great Sean. Thanks a lot for supporting my channel and watching my vids.

  8. I've been LOVING this stuff. It's very masculine. My sister is very picky about fragrances (her husband wears acqua di gio), but surprisingly, she smelled this on my skin and absolutely loved it! I'll probably get a bottle of this before I buy tobacco vanille.

  9. toss up right now, but really loving NdN. Thanks for watching.

  10. What Do You Think Would Be
    #2 From TF ?
    Thanks 9-17-13

  11. Yes they are both pretty much masterpieces. Glad you got them and thanks for watching and supporting my channel.

  12. Great review! I'm kinda knew to the niche fragrances, but thanks to people like you, I've got my nose on some amazing fragrances. I got my sample of TL and love it. It almost dries down like Aventus to me. Love em both.

  13. Wear it, another masterpeice

  14. I have a decant of this that I have never worn yet.

  15. Very true. I love it. Thank you so much for the comment and checking out my videos.

  16. tuscan leather is very high quality, an artistic masterpeice, but it's very pricy. in the end, it's only for collectors and leather enthusiasts and as it's not versatile enough for the average person.

  17. I know you just did yours. Thanks a lot for checking my video out. Keep up the good reviews bro.

  18. good timing with this one! I liked hearing your thoughts on TL bro!

  19. I like all of them, but Royal Oud is great. Your right TV is awesome. Thanks a lot for the comment and checking out my channel.

  20. Thanks a lot

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