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Tom Ford Oud Wood Review! Hot and Spicy!

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  1. Eamon The Handsome

    I've created my account just now. Your review is nice and funny! Even if Oud Wood is not in beast mode in term of longevity / projection / sillage like could be a Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood is a beast in term of smell and originality

  2. Living in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) Region I found TFPB Oud Wood to be one of my favorites Day/Summer Scent. I've read reviews regarding it's poor longevity but that is not the case ( at least on my skin ) I can get sniff from it, even the day after. The fragrance wears close to your skin and you just go nose blind after 2 hours…but if you walk out under the Emirate sun or moon with the high temperatures… you will smell a clean,creamy,calm,cool, collected and refine Oud scent which is not offensive to others are most of the Ouds out there, which are consider mostly in fragrantica as Fall/Winter scents, yet they are the cultural scent of the Middle East…All year around, even at 140 degrees.

    We have to take into consideration as well that this Oud Wood and Arabian Wood, were designed and deployed for TF when he opened his store in the Dubai Mall…they are subtle and meant for  very high temperate weather.Oud per se is an acquired taste it took me over 3 years to like it. Now, it's the main ingredient I look for in fragrances, if I consider to make any buy blinds.

  3. Definitly a date fragrance just don't wear too much & apply it 1 hour b4 u pick her up. That will give it enough time for the medicinal smell to tone down a bit and the magical smell to come forward. Oud Wood & Tuscan Leather r "panty droppers" for sure :)

  4. I get !0 hrs with the grey bottle Oud Wood and adore this juice, simple yet stunning! I get that tobasco and peppery vibe your talking about and to me it feels like a fine mustard LOL!

  5. My first real oud fragrance, this smells like disinfectant used to treat wounds lol. I swear to God it reminds me of the dressing used when I used to get my immunization shots. Not a bad smell, it's actually an amazing and classy smell that makes me feel like I own everybody lmao.

  6. Oud wood is the one that got me into this fragrance journey……I love it! 

  7. Somethin crazy I wanted to share – but the TF rep at Bloomingdales in Beverly Hills said that the oud in it was synthetic!! Wow. I told him I realy didn't recognize oud in it all. Hmmm……

  8. Best overall smell of any fragrance i have ever owned….if i got more than three hours max it would be my signature scent… split worthy.. perfect date fragrance

  9. I beg to differ. It definitely gets cold enough for a radiator! ;-)

  10. This is a great night out scent. 

  11. My any day, any occasion fragrance. Versatile without being boring. Yet edgy without being outlandish or off putting. Great review guys.

  12. LOVE this one, just LOVE IT!! Not a 'stinky' full on oud, just perfectly addictive. Can't wait for the cold weather to swing back around so I can wear it again…. but we've still got a hell of a lot of heat to get through first. Great stuff guys.

  13. I love this fragrance! Great review!

  14. Such an enjoyable vid, I loved it!  Oud Wood is indeed a Nice oud, it's not offensive or hard to be around.  I am one of those who got low performance on this :(

  15. Great job guys!! I love this fragrance. 

  16. Carlos' style meshes well with yours Daver great fun watching this review.

  17. Glad to see this one getting some love! It's too stylish for us in the south, Daver! Haha.

  18. Great video!! You guys make a good tandem. It really surprises me that anyone, wouldn't like this frag. Can't think of anything in the mix that could be objectionable to the nose. 5/5 from me too.

  19. One of my absolute favorite ouds , i find it very sexy and appealing 

  20. What's Jer's take on Oud Wood?

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