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Tom Ford Noir De Noir “STREET SCENTS” The Series Fragrance/Cologne/Perfume

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  1. Dang, I was at Neiman's this past weekend and this one I completely forgot about! Damn! Well, gotta take a trip back to Neimans….thing is – my wife also loves frags as much as I do, so off we go! :)


  2. I'm not about to read through 92 comments to find out if someone already told you, but it's not "Noir DAY Noir." It's "de" like the "u" sound in "medium," or if you say "dem" instead of them, it's kind of like that sound. The instant you said "day," I stopped the video because someone who can't even learn the proper pronunciation of a scent probably has a bad opinion on it.

  3. Michael Dragon (Vulgar Nerd)

    Love the positivity on here :-) I am buying a small bottle of Tom Ford Doir tonight :)

  4. Amanda has quite the nose for scents. She was great Al.

  5. Either this was staged or she has an amazing nose. She described the cologne almost exactly as described on the Tom Ford Website. Hats off is this was off the cuff.

  6. She nailed it with the mocha and floral!

  7. Let's review a high-end, luxury fragrance amongst the weeds, in an industrial part of town. Add in a baseball cap for good measure.

  8. Amanda is awesome.  Her channel didn't seem to get off the ground though. 

  9. Amanda is sexy

  10. I got a sample from sephora of noir & maybe theirs a difference between noir & noir de noir, but noir was once of the worst fragrances I've ever smelled. I used it once & threw the rest out. My wife said it smelled like I was hanging around 70 year old ladies all day. That's pretty bad, specially when you consider the price. 

  11. Hey guys if your interested in Tom Ford Noir de Noir decants hit me up!  I just got me a bottle and want to get some off.

  12. have her smell incense oud, musk oud, back to black by kilian.

  13. She's so hot!

  14. she's noir :)

  15. she's beautiful 😉

  16. am getting a bottle. Tom Ford is now available in Singapore!
    Thanks Big AL.
    ks Vishnu aka The Nautilas

  17. Cool Stuff. Thanks Al and bring back little Sissy again.

  18. Just heard that Tom Ford is about to release two new fragrances in the UK and the World I presume in November. Tobacco Oud and Oud Fleur. It will be very interesting to try these new fragrances especially the Tobacco Oud. Get them online first Al :-)

  19. Great episode big Al!! Love NdN. Thx for the great vids bro as always!

  20. She's awesome, her choice of words are phenomenal

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