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Tom Ford “Black Orchid” Fragrance Review

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  1. Just discovered your vids a few days ago and they are literally my go to before I buy a fragrance. Very entertaining, I love this, Samsara and Dior Addict( Blue bottle ) all very musky and deep.

  2. Bought this for my mum. It's an amazing scent, smells very dark and mysterious. I can definitely smell the chocolate and the spice. It was Michael Jackson's signature scent!

  3. I got this today. 

    It is such a mystifying concoction. It opens up in your face! It's a tad floral and punchy at first, then as it settles it becomes this strange, yes you are totally spot on very vampiric/goth chocolaty/vanilla combo, it is dark for sure. Then that infamous truffle kicks in, and it almost smells like a very very very (did I say very?) clean urinal, like the ones at the mall with those little round blue rubber things to make the stink less stinky. 

    Lol hope this makes sense ha! 


  4. Really great review! Love how you described it. What I would add is in my opinion, for a woman to wear it it is very dark and strong, like you said needs quite some confidence to wear, and for a man to wear it I think it's very sweet, yet cologne-y. I absolutely love wearing it for special occasions. And the longevity is absolutely insaaane, when I wear it for a night out (only 1-2 spritzes) I still smell it on my skin the next morning.

  5. On Fragrantica, some of the reviewers have compared this to Bvlgari's Man In Black. I can't really say if I agree with them or not.

  6. Jennifer Boardman

    I could never describe a fragrance as well as you do, I love your reviews you and Katie putrik are my favourites, anyway last night in work I wore surge Luton un bois vanilla and when I sprayed it on it smelt amazing of licorice and burnt creme caramel but to quickly it turned to vanilla, I don't know what I was expecting lol, but when I woke up today I could still smell it and it was lovely, I accidentally bought two viles if you would like I could send the other to you 

  7. Jennifer Boardman

    Oh I blind bought a little bottle of lou lou because you made it sound so big and interesting and also I bought some samples of montale and le labu the rose one, I got a shalimar sample to because I love samsara and wow its so beautiful it's going on my list, discovering you is going to play havoc with my purse hahaha ?

  8. Jennifer Boardman

    I love your review of black orchid, this is one of my favourite perfumes, could you recommend a fantastic patchouli fragrance one that you can really smell the patchouli in thankyou xx

  9. I also love resins, especially myrrh, and I like patchouli. (Just trying to help if anyone wants to help with recommendations.) What I'm looking for is more anamalic notes in my perfumes. Thanks so much.

  10. By the way, recommendations can include designer and niche. Oh, and I forgot to say I absolutely LOVE the original, super strong, Poison. Probably my favorite. Thanks again! :)

  11. Hello, Ouch. Love this review. Love this perfume. Your description of this complex perfume was truly inspired and so spot on! You have a true gift in the way you describe scents. Thank you for sharing that gift with us. I would like to ask you for a/some recommendations of perfume. To be fair, I suppose I should give you a brief overview of the kinds of perfume I love. While I like many fragrance families, I most often truly fall in love with very strong, complex, deep, dark, sexy, vampy, noticeable perfumes. Some of my favorites include: Angel, Alien, Womanity, Bulgari Black, Black Orchid, Musc Ravageur, Opium, Shalimar, Samsara, Obsession, Ysatis, Knowing, Euphoria, Bandit, Boudoir, Coromandel, Bal a Versailles, and I really like Man in Black by Bulgari (don't think it's supposed to be unisex but I like it regardless, and like you, I don't let what others think stop me from wearing what I love)… I tend to like orientals…whether "florientals", woody orientals, or spicy orientals. I also really like musk! I like leather and tobacco notes too. Now, what id like to ask you is if you have any recommendations of some "skanky", sexy, dark perfumes heavy in anamalic notes? I'd like to find some heavier in anamalics than what I currently know or have. If you (or any of your subscribers who see this comment) could recommend some, I'd be ever so grateful. Thank you for the gift of your time. Wishing you a great weekend.
    ♡, Cara

  12. My big brother always wears Tom Ford colognes . He doesn't really venture out . I guess it's his " signature scents ". And for some reason i've always liked the smell . I've been dying to see what this smells like . I love that it's controversial yet dark and some say a hint of nostalgic but being a young woman that i am i've always liked mature scents . Can't wait to see how this one smells . 

  13. When I went to the men's fragrance section in Nordstrom I had a beautiful smell come to my nose and I started smelling all the testers until I came across Black Orchid, I fell in love! Something about this juice really memorized me and I knew I had to go home with it. Great review and keep up the good work! :)

  14. Pınar Çarabatır

    Oh you made me go and spray my Black Orchid on myself. I agree with almost everything you think about this perfume. Great review!

  15. Excelent review!!!! This is My especial occasions parfum!!! Try if you can noir to noir of him special collection. ☺

  16. Wonderful review, my fellow fragrantician! I love this fragrance and I agree with the "roughness" …it sometimes nauseates me when I first spray it. I definitely get the chocolate and the pine along with the patchouli. I'm not sure if it's olfactory exhaustion from this gigantic wall of fragrance but after about 2-3 hours I can no longer smell it on my skin (though my fiance asked, "How can you NOT smell that???) I also have the lotion and sometimes wear it alone. One of my faves.

  17. Definitely fit for a vampire! Nice review pal. When I used to own this I wore it with Oud Wood (but not sprayed on top of each other). What an effect! But Black Orchid eventually takes over.

  18. StellaDiverFlynn

    This one is very memorable, whether we like it or not. :D

  19. Great review…..I remember the first time I smelled this. It was on a first date, and I didn't notice it until it was a very faint, yet distinct close-to-the-skin scent. I asked what it was and it was black orchid. Guess it and the date were successful I'd say–I was probably seduced by it. I can't recall the scent in my memory exactly, but at the time it seemed sort of vaguely caramel-y

  20. Isn't It just so special? I remember being at It's launch (some Harvey Nichols event) and I was the only bloke at the end of the evening with a bottle. I love the house of Tom Ford and I loved Nu by YSL, you should give that a try, It's because of TF that I'm now skint…bastard. hahahahaha

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