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Theo James for Hugo Boss – EXTENDED Commercial

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    Sex they make

  2. This guy does nothing for me.._ But Stellan Skarsgard does._ sensually addictive to ladies

  3. just wanted to find this song lol

  4. Saw this commercial a while back. Two of my favorite things. The Weeknd and Theo James

  5. who else saw this in the advertisments before mockingjay pt 2 in the cinema 😻😻I HAD A HEART ATTACK

  6. Johnny Lawrence

    cant stop picturing this guy with shit on his nose from inbetweeners movie lol

  7. Gosh, the new Divergent/Insurgent trailer looks so good~ Oh, they changed the lead actress? Haha~

  8. I will bought this scent for my brother only for Theo 😂😂😂

  9. Mireia mari nacher

    i love you theo james 😍😘♡♡💋❤❤❤❤

  10. so im not the only one who died a little every time i watched it… that good 😛 I love you Theodor ❤

  11. Arturo Cervantes

    so hot !!!

  12. дмитрий вайнович

    кто поет??????что за группа?

  13. High for this – The Weeknd

  14. Cadê o ar meu povo?

  15. Alice Riobueno (Myjeil)


  16. Mr. Pamook If you would please put your shirt back on I will have no need to report this incident to my father Lord Crawley

  17. song???

  18. Excuse me while I go faint…Theo is too hot to handle!

  19. Maddie O'Keeffe

    The song always makes me think of rihannas song Russian roulette

  20. m8888888888888888888888888, i'v loved the weeknd for years and this advert gave me the goosebooooomps

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