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The Weeknd – Rolling Stone (Explicit)

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  1. takes out headphone who the hell is playing drum again n again..
    *realises its in the song *

  2. Honeybisket Sugarplum

    this song have been on replay since day 1

  3. X😚

  4. he looks how I feel

  5. 🎧Whoooooooooo yeaaaaaaa yeaaaaaa yoooooooo🎧

  6. Medel Montesinos Jr

    a bit of foreshadowing.. been a fan since day one

  7. Rolling stone

  8. The pre-fame was real…

  9. this sonzg is directly to his fans. with the new symbolism of his new video this video just makes me sad. He knew he was going to change and in the new videos he keeps trying to escape "the devil" (music industry) and he can't get away. he just keeps getting pulled back into the world he doesn't want to be in.

  10. the music video is basically the camera going out then back in on his face lil

  11. Miguel Is Not Nice

    2:30 Cameras flashing cause that's the trilogy album cover.

  12. Miguel Is Not Nice

    I wanted to see the woman's face. Every time the camera zoomed out, it zoomed back in!

  13. nines brought me here

  14. Wow now I search up " Rolling Stones" and this shit comes up , What a shame! Smh

  15. fans The Weeknd 👋

  16. Courtney Ferlance

    The Weeknd makes official PipeGame Music :p

  17. This basic ass video is genius 

  18. This almost look like an insidious scene lol 

  19. Does anyone else notice this is the same notes as Ayo for Yayo?

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