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The stuff that makes me smell yummy! + mini vlog!

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  1. i love the ducky slipper 5 stars thing you're too awesome!

  2. I <3 pink sugar perfume! I use the hair perfume and it smells so yummy. :)

  3. do you put on body splashes like you put on perfume or do you just spray your clothes?

  4. room tour please please

  5. TattleTaleBeautyTips

    Hiya Bethany :)

    I am a BIG supporter of what you do! And I LOVE all your videos. Can you do a room tour anytime soon? Thankss!! You're soo amazing! Byee X

  6. i like enchanted orchid from BB&W too. and i like the cucumber melon body mist from BB&W thts a really fresh scent. cant wait for their special spring collection to come out!

  7. i have that abercrombie kids perfume too!
    it's my favoriteeeee :) mine's almost gone though :(
    oh and i have that juicy one too! that's one of those scents that, like you said, reminds me of two years ago when i used to wear it every single day :)

  8. @smiledazzle24 yeah she talks a bit too much and keep repeating herself

  9. i'm 25 and i still use johnson and magic baby lotion

  10. i love the appletini thing. :]
    i have like most of the stuff in your collection. haha. (;

  11. and somme more i love pink warm and cozy by victoria's secret

  12. i have warm vanilla sugar sweet pee japanese cherry blossom

  13. mileycyruslookalike1

    @DazzleMeHay Sephora.


  15. VANILLARY FROM LUSH! omg it smells amazing its my FAVORITE :)

  16. BlushingBeautyxxo

    just subbed!!!! check me out xooxox

  17. PURE SEDUCTION by victoria's secret :)

  18. haha i love your title for this :)

    Add me on Twitter for all kinds of beauty info! LAHbeauty

  19. Where can you buy the Pink Sugar perfume?

  20. why u dont do a shoe collection video?

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