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The One Sport by Dolce & Gabbana | fragrance, cologne, perfume review

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  1. Is there a strong one?
    Like intense or parfum or something
    "Sorry fot my English"

  2. Ive heard the 2014 edition of The one is quite alot different, maybe sometime later you will try it out doc?

  3. My Game day scent!!! I smell awesome and I don't choke out my teammates!!! I hate it when other guys over due the axe and aqua Di Gio then they choke you out as you are active!! This is indeed a frag to do sports in fellas this is not a I'm gonna go clubbing scent there's other stuff for that 

  4. Its a cologne u must spray on ur clothes

  5. I brought it last week and i have the same problem. I spray it and in 10 minutes i dont smell it no more i even ask my girl friend and she told me are you sure you spray some..

  6. I bought this product at Macy's thinking that Amazon's stock was counterfeit due to a few reviews stating that it doesn't last long. Well, to my surprise, the "original" indeed does not last long on you. It only smells nice on paper or at the beginning, but in less than an hour, the fragrance goes away. :( Has the potential, but it needs improvement. I would go with Chanel Allure Sport. 

  7. my avi name is similar to yours and I never knew people took cologne so serious I love mine

  8. I hear too many people complaining about scents like this. I admit a lot of them smell alike and they ARE too expensive at retail value. Sport scents are perfect for bumming around, the gym, work, summer etc…that's a lot of occasions you can wear this scent for. Amazon has 1st run bottles 3.3oz for 30-35 dollars right now. The general public aren't fragrance snobs if you ask everyone what they wear the majority will tell you "Acqua di Gio…Armani Code…D&G Light Blue" etc. The general public eats sport flankers up because the general public likes safe scents.

  9. try to lightly apply some water on ur skin after 8 hours or more . just a lil bit water and the smell will attack directly. dont apply too much water cause it will wash out ! 
    try it and tell me what u think . thats what I do if i am out and i wanna renew my smell between my friends 

  10. My gf gave bought me the giftset for this fragrance over the summer.  She loves the way it smells but I'm not crazy about it. As usual per D&G fragrances the longevity is poor on this one.

  11. I chose this over issey miyake sport. There's just something abt this that i like…. And i dont get the hate on this in fragrantica. The Gentlemen, haha funny story, i bought a 3.7 at Ross for $40! what a steal right? So i buy it, but it wasnt what i expected so i returned it and glad they didnt notice that i opened the box…

  12. thnxxx 4 awesome vid

  13. Probably… The one… the one gentlemen..then the one sport.. int hat order from best to worst

  14. How would you rank the 3 Dolce and Gabanna The One fragrances. The One, The One Gentleman, and The One Sport?

  15. Great vid !

  16. Thats a good deal!

  17. Decided to buy this only because I got it for $35 shipped !

  18. For all of my reviews.. I test for 7 days on my skin, full "wearings" When I allow others to smell them, I have them smell me for the drydown, (or their skin) and a piece of paper for the top notes. I never go off a piece of paper. Why would I when I have the whole bottle?

  19. I just bought this after testing it at Macy's. I tried a few others and this one was the one that I really liked. Some people have said that it does not last but for me. Colognes like usually don't last that long anyway.

    Last thing on your review looks like you sprayed your test on paper. Colognes do not do well testing on paper. You need a thicker card that can absorb the smell.

  20. ed hardy love & luck vs the one sport dracdoc?

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