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The One by Dolce & Gabbana | Fragrance Review

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  1. I thought it smelled kinda like polo red a bit not exactly but similar 

  2. When I first smell this years ago…It reminded me a little of CK Escape in the opening.

  3. Scott Van Kerkhove

    I have 5 oz bottle that is 95% full for sale if anyone is interested $80 includes shipping in U.S…liked it but have others rated a little higher….email me F R A G R A N C E @ L S U T I G E R M A I L . C O M

  4. That's funny! When I first smelled this I was like "this smells like that Tim McGraw cologne" and that was without seeing this review

  5. which is better…..??  DsG THE ONE or VERSACE pure homm………..please help me to find this………..

  6. Thank you. For making these channel. I'm a freshman in college and I feel like I don't have my own signature scent. And I'm literally watching like all your videos. To discover which colognes I'm going order. ✌?️

  7. I Love your reviews, could you review women frangrances please ? I am a perfume Addict. Thank you

  8. A +dracdoc is it fair to compare D&G The One to Chergui by Serge Lutens?

  9. I recently bought this on FragranceX.com and after buying this I have seen some reviews saying FragranceX is not a good sight to buy cologne on, what is your opinion on the sight

  10. Clean vid DracDoc !

  11. Can you tell me how many sprays you use on D&G The One? I am using 2 but after 4 hours its completely gone.

  12. The One is like a lighter version of Ysl's La Nuit de Homme. They smell so similar I'm surprised no one else hasn't compared them.

  13. Curious on your thoughts on The reformulated 2014 release of Michael Kors for Men. I get similar vibes of this to D&G The One wanted to see if you agree. Please make a review! Thanks!

  14. I just got this but I am not a fan. It does not smell nice at all. Maybe it will react better on a man then a woman. Or maybe it's just not for me.

  15. When we talk about longevity issues (with this or other fragrances), wouldn't a travel atomizer do the trick? They're only about 10 bucks and a few extra sprays around lunchtime have worked for me.

  16. Is this cologne good if you're trying to get a women to bury her nose on your chest? Lol

  17. For anyone who likes to have this cologne but is on a tight budget I suggest you guys get yves rocher's ambre noir. To me and my gal they smell almost exactly the same. Like seriously the same. I sprayed both on each hand and probably the only difference I can find is that d&g the one has more body than ambre noir. performance and scent wise they are identical, well atleast for us. You can check it out at any yves rocher boutiqe. Plus the bottle looks the same too.

  18. Hello dracdoc, 
    Mr. can you please tell a good web-site where can i buy good/quality/worth price perfume? Thanks really enjoy your review

  19. smell is great but longevity and projection sucks 

  20. What flanker of this did you review?

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