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The One By Dolce & Gabbana Cologne/Fragrance Review (2008)

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  1. Haha I don't want to buy a fragrance for $200.00. If only he knew what's in store for him as of 2015 :)

  2. Awww. It has been yrs. Canadian here! Like your videos. I am going to try this on. Is it a little out of data now?

  3. Weird…. I get excellent projection out of this. Literally got 6 compliments through out the day, at the mall

  4. I love this one. In fact, I got the 150ml bottle. Sure it does have performance issues. But I do get 2 hours of projection and a total of 6 hours of longevity. Sure it is subtle, but that is not always a bad thing. 

  5. "Ginger bread man" is spot on! Lol

  6. Don't bother with this fragrance.   No projection, no lasting time, and you'll end up using up all the bottle fast because you literally need to drown yourself in it for any effect.
    Great disappointment.

  7. Jonathan Dauterive

    Yeah… great fragrance but it's extremely subtle. I agree with the review 100%. The scent is amazing I just wish it had more projection. It hugs the skin with a death grip. If you're getting some nookie guaranteed I'd rock it. You literally have to be in your girl's arms for her to truly appreciate it. If you're looking to pick up a random I'd go with something with more projection. The longevity isn't as bad as some people say.

  8. the bottle actually looks a lot like terre d'hermes

  9. hey marc do u have a web site? love your review and its like a guide for me every time i got a perfume recommended by you i always love it. 

  10. xᎷ⋏⃝⃕JཛꂢT͢རᏨ͓x♛

    I'm not taken but I wear this cuz I don't wanna be smelt from far away… I've got several compliments while in bed with girls hours after I applied a few sprays. 

  11. Calgary

  12. Mine lasts all day, with a minuscule scent in the morning.

  13. Cologne should be subtle so Iike it mild and soft

  14. I'm Canadian!

  15. YSL L'homme is like angel man compare to this fragrance in performance

  16. this fragrance is really bad in performance, I bought the 150ml from Macy's and I put 7-8 sprays and 30 minutes later can't smell it so I go back to macys and swap it for 150ml of allure homme sport.

  17. canucks, wheres a good place to buy fragrances for a good price? Sears, the bay and sephora are a ripoff…any good places online too that dont have duties?

  18. Pentecostal Trinitarian Tongue Talker

    My thoughts on this fragrance is that it is a waste of money.
    I know this is a cheap cologne when compared to others, but the lasting power sucks. I don't like blowing 80$ on a bottle that were you have to waste it (use more than 3 sprays) to get longevity and projection.

  19. This is an amazing frag, its one of my favs… not sure how you don't like this.

  20. i dont see y u dont like this cologne 

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