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The One By Dolce and Gabbana Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. Tobacco i don't want to smel like cigarets 

  2. Do the ladies like it ?????

  3. Nice review. I'm relatively new to the frag community but I have worn scents for years. Just recently purchased The One and MAN…..! Your review is spot on. However, I'll say this can be pulled off with great success by over 40 men. The first wearing and a lady friend kept smelling my neck the whole night…Its the truth and can damn well be worn in summer. Good job, bruh.

  4. Can you tall me how many sprays you use on D&G The One? I am using 2 but after 4 hours its completely gone.

  5. The One is like a lighter version of La Nuit del Homme. They smell so alike.

  6. It's nice, it's more unisex then masculine. I know a few women who own this sent

  7. This fragrance is horrible in projection and longevity, I try a sample and I felt this was going to project and last on me so I go to macys and buy the 150ml and when I go home I put 7-8 sprays on me and after 30 minutes is gone, I can't smell it so I go back to macy's and swap it for 150ml of allure homme sport which is better on me.

  8. got this today

  9. But after this review, I have to go try this.

  10. That damn gum chewing is annoying

  11. Just found a 1.6oz at a discounter for 40 bucks. Wow. Blond bought and im pretty impressed. Smells very good!!! You description is spot on!!!

  12. I will be picking up some of this stuff. I've heard nothing but good things about this bad boy. Hope my girl will love it.

  13. it last on my skin sometimes for 10 hours "True" but that's not happening everytime
    and its projection is shit..so don't think people gonna smell you until they get very close to you

  14. I LOVE this fragarance! it's my date fragrance.. lasts and projects very good on my skin.. i love your review! "very very pleasing, amazing , exotic sexy scent!"

  15. everyone smells this differnet. to me its more spicy than fruity. its fruity but with a sharpness to it. very spicy. i hear a lot of people say the same thing

  16. my signature scent. its a compliment magnet

  17. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh buddddddddy lol

  18. LOL!! real shit i had some armani on and my neighbor gave me head and pussy oooweee

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