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Justin Bieber The Key Fragrance Gift Set for Women, 3 pc

  • Includes: .5 oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.7 oz Touchable Body Lotion, 1.7 oz Be with Me Body Wash
  • The Key
Justin Bieber Gift Set

Price: $ 24.99

Justin Bieber Coffret Fragrance Set, 3 Count

  • .33 ounce spray pen the key + .33 ounce spray pen someday + .33 ounce spray pen girlfriend
  • Give this Justin Bieber coffret to the superstar in your life
  • A fragrance for any occasion
Girlfriend by Justin Bieber is an enticing fragrance made to get your heart racing as you experience the feeling of getting personal with Justin. One spray and you will finally experience the exhilaration of holding on and never letting go. Every touch, every breath - all captures in a flirty, new scent. Dare to get closer? Flirty, personal and inviting, girlfriend has sparkling pear, crisp mandarin, rich blackberry, Mara strawberry pink freesia, star jasmine, apricot nectar, orange blossom, van

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 25.99


  1. i got this for christmas omg!!

  2. got this today for Christmas !

  3. I have that kind it smells really good

  4. I have that perfume as a gift from my friend 

  5. Never sey Never

  6. if i relly use this perfume, does jb will really came to like it?!

  7. Alina Gizatulina, I Belieber

    This adverthisement of spirits simply something.

  8. I understand you do not like spamming, nobody does, but these people are more than worth it!
    You without a doubt should give it a shot!
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  9. my boy __

  10. I bet it smells like strip club during the lunch shift, and the dumpster of a Thai restaurant in Alabama. (Yes I know they both smell similar, but it is the lingering hues of the strip clubs ambiance and sadness that makes it different.)

  11. solange soares de farias Farias

    Legal e inteteressante.

  12. I haven't :'(

  13. Look at this, then look at girlfriend,then look at the key. Jb becomes hotter by the year.

  14. I love someday 

  15. this little bitch really is a diva Justin bieber Justin diva more like

  16. That unwanted occasion when your good friend (who’s been a loser for a long time) gets an unbelievable girl to fall for him in 3 weeks?! Shit, that occured. I know I ought to be pleased for him nevertheless I would rather it to be me. He explained he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I would like to disappear in a cave instantly…

  17. Want it!

  18. En serio… huele muy bien el perfume!

  19. demitra woozworld

    I didn't get the little charm T.T

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