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The Making of Dunhill London Fragrance with Henry Cavill

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  1. Henry is really handsome. <3 

  2. Maria Cecília Oliveira

    Sooooooooooooooo HHHoooooooooooooottttttttttttttttt! PERFECT. Henry Cavill is the best!

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaa HENRY=HOT!

  4. I like very much of watching this video. Many, many times ! Cool !

  5. Iconic new KRYPTONIAN gentleman, heh?

    Oh, forget it.

  6. what is this music ???

  7. Brilliant!!!

  8. @FlorenceKnights Do not cuss Clarkson, ken?

  9. @emma473 i was thinking that he should be the leading role as Richard Cypher/Rahl in all of the Sword of Truth movies (not the TV Show), if the movies are going to be created (the book series is by Terry Goodkind). What do you think?

  10. fuck no. he's too good for that shit.

  11. if you like the count of monte cristo, you should check out "I capture the castle"! great movie and henry is really yummy in it 😀

  12. He was born in Jersey, in the British Channel Islands.

  13. I agree, he would be the perfect james bond, if he just got a few years on his tasty little butt:P he is still too young, but when daniel craig retires as mr. bond, I think henry is an excellent choice:D other than that; the man is GORGEOUS<3

  14. agreeably one of the sexiest men of 2008……and the fragrance ain't too bad either………….xxxooo David.T v S F

  15. WOW! been waiting for HENRY to appear this "RIPE". Since he was a very handsome young boy in "The Count of Monte Cristo" (my all-time fave movie). Wish to know his website.anyone? He is perfect for a role of James Bond or a guy-next door movie.

  16. he could be the new james bond :)

  17. REALLY!
    HOLEY MOLEY he should have got that part seriously! even though I must say Daniel did a good job it wouldn't have been so bad to see Henry play the part

  18. the tune for this advert was produced by adelphoi music ltd. it was written just for the advert. i dont think it can be found anywhere. suits the ad perfectly.

  19. Henry Cavill was the follow-up in the James Bond-casting 2005 that Daniel Craig won.

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