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The Brilliant Game by Davidoff Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. Personally I think this kills the original, I had to give the original away it made me feel sick… No joke… compared to Angel men.. very different kind of scene…! Angel men is much more complex and dark, this one is much more simple but not in a bad way, its beautifully clean, sweet and delicious without being cloying which makes it very flexible and easy on the anxious minded!

  2. my daily wear at work at the moment, but this is incredible socially as well. Easily in my top 3 fragrances if not #1 currently

  3. I picked this one up tonight at my local Marshalls. I got it for a steal at 13 dollars, it was on clearance. The tonka and sweetness was the first thing that hit me, it honestly smells like 1 million to me. For what I paid I'm pretty happy

  4. Hey steve from egypt! What's an incense based designer frag other than BDC and Montale?

  5. nice video +Redolessence.

  6. Great work mate. Cheers

  7. hey steve…another great review.but fragrance did not do well in general.hey steve where can i find aventus company vials online.i really wish to try.thanks.

  8. What are your final thoughts on Club de nuit Intense for Man by AMARF?

  9. Dunhill Icon review

  10. marcia regina oliveira dos santos

    Hey  this fragrance i've tested. I didn't like it very much. Your reviews are great, i love it so much. Keep the good job!

  11. Charles Petitjean

    Same old quality from the man! I'm sure you've mentioned this many times but what's the significance/meaning behind your username 'Redolessence', just curious, thanks!

  12. Hello my friend , any chance you can review Calvin Klein euphoria gold men . I think you will like it and j would be happy to hear your opinion on it

  13. Danny Stojanovski

    Awesome Review. Great Job.

  14. I like that you dress less classy when you are reviewing less refined scents.

  15. nice review man. you should review A&F's new fragrance "batch no. 46"

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