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  1. Nathalie Bosket

    Have you tried D&G 3 L'impératrice? I think you'd like it.

  2. What are your thoughts on Angel by Thierry Mugler? <3

  3. I bought the pink Chanel change and I loved it at first but now if I put it on it doesn't smell good at all and lasts all day 😭

  4. I got my first luxury perfume in the winter it's black opium so clearly very heavy but I've been in the market for a summer scent! I have a Marc Jacobs daisy rollerball but I feel it's more early spring as it's still very strong but I love the notes in that.

  5. You are very intelligent on this in the future it would be a great idea to go into luxury merchandising if you're not already :)

  6. Charles! What do you think of Dolce and Gabannas Light Blue? I know its old, but i'm thinking of getting it and would love to know your opinion. Thanks!

  7. You need dior homme it's the best very strong xg

  8. Daniel McIntyre

    spicy chicken sausage

  9. Susan Hoekstra-Julien

    Charles have tried Molecule 01? The reason l'm asking is because molecule 01 also does a disappearing act,then then comes back much later.

  10. You need to take me perfume shopping! The way you describe fragrances is the best! X

  11. granny on a bus with a brownie in saran wrap!!!! LOL!!! you just kill me, Charles. Btw…u r the best perfume reviewer..REALLY. I love how u describe each fragrance,,,makes me wanna buy more perfume, which ofcourse i dont need, wah!! Oh but u have to review Jo Malone scents..they r the best!

  12. MissAdamLambert888

    LOL poor Jenny !!! ;D

  13. Urszula Chadzinska

    J'adore is my mother's most hated scent on earth, she got a bottle for Christmas and when I offered to take it she said no because she won't let me walk around smelling like cheap soap, but now I'm SO tempted to try it! Might make it my olfactory equivalent of a dump bag

  14. Katie Ferguson

    Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is my go-to perfume for Spring and Summer!

  15. My mum and I are both Chanel Mademoiselle babies, my bottle is nearly finished, but my mum got bought a new bottle for her birthday yesterday, so now i dont feel bad about stealing a few sprays from hers haha

  16. Florencia Rolon

    La vie est belle in summer ?? I'm gonna die 😟

  17. I love the Chanel chance eau de toilette!!! What are some of your favourite winter scents?

  18. Best review evar <3

  19. I have been eyeing J'adore for about 2 months now. I just have soooo many scents, several I haven't open yet.
    Ok, you talked me into it…lol

  20. Don't make your coworker Jenny vomit, dying lmao

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