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The Beat for Men by Burberry | Fragrance Review

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  1. I'm ok with that (people seeing an old review). I know other reviewers re-review certain frags, but that is one road I absolutely will not go down. I have enough fragrances that I have not reviewed that I need to review on my plate than re-do others I have already reviewed. And then..where does it end? I've changed my style maybe 4-5x since I've begun reviewing fragrances..so everytime I change I go back and re-do reviews in my new style? Decided long ago this is something I would NEVER do.

  2. have you ever purchased frag from fragrance net

  3. great review I totally Agree with you here. This one is way too peppery for me as well .
    I prefer Burberry Brit and London to this one and find Touch to powdery.
    Keep em coming Good Luck on your move

  4. My Boy wears this and it does pretty good on him.

  5. Nice review! I think I am gonna pass on this one.

  6. I really like London and Britt, but The Beat I just can't stand. I agree vert much with your review Doc.

  7. Touch is the only one from this house that i care for.

  8. Manlovescologne I sent you some of this

  9. I haven't worn or smelled it but would love to soon! Sounds like something I would like!

  10. Not a fan of this fragrance but loved the review. great job man

  11. I agree this sucks I tried to give away and they wouldn't take it

  12. Coby you got to try something more interesting, I feel like the energy and perfumes u r reviewing kinda going downhill. Sorry, I am sure its just me and I am big fan brother:)

  13. I have this but find myself never reaching for it.

  14. Sasha Chernjavsky

    It's just that you decided to review a lot of the really popular fragrances when you first started reviewing. Those more popular fragrance reviews will get more views. But when people see that the review is one if your old videos they won't be as satisfied with it because it's not as in depth and not as good quality. I just really think you should consider this! But anyway great review! You're still my favorite reviewer!

  15. Sasha Chernjavsky

    Hey doc! I know I've already asked you about this but I still think a lot of people would appreciate it if you re-reviewed certain fragrances like Le Male, Issay Miyake, Pure Malt, Dior Homme Sport, etc. These are some really popular colognes and it would be really nice to see you review them using your current method (going to Times Square, your more in depth look, better camera…)

  16. Ha I was thinking of buying this on sunday when I purchased 360 for men. Looks like I made the right decision to pass on this for 360 seeing that 360 looks to be the better blind buy. Solid review bro

  17. Oh man! i believe your review on this one, im so glad i watched this video coz if not i would have blind bought this. Thanks doc! P.S. i still believe that you need to revisit Issey Miyake Sport

  18. Spot on, I have a sample and I have tried to like it, because I like pepper, but this is too much. On somewhat the same spicy notes, can you do a review on Cartier Declaration d'Un Soir? Thank you and keep them coming :)

  19. Great review bro as always. Sounds like I will like this one. Like the price as well.

  20. Best pepper scent out there – love it!

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