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The Beat by Burberry: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. love this and I find it unique. to each their own. I love Une rose though too, so we do agree on LOTS of other scents and types of scents too. Thanks

  2. Hey katie i love burberry the beat it is my favorite perfume of all time i wanted to know did you like this perfume 

  3. I have the edp and it smells like a creamy vanilla smell on me the whole time I wear it I get no fruit notes. I always get complements when I wear it!

  4. Katie Puckrik Smells

    It's blackberry and rose and woods. A sophisticated fruity floral.

  5. could you describe the burberry classic to me, please?
    thank you!

  6. can you explain the difference in what you smelled in the EDT verses the edp.
    i just recieved the EDP as a gift.. but i reember it being a little more sporty fresh when i smelled it at sephora.. could that have been the EDT?

  7. The Beat is, by far, my absolute favorite perfume of all time, and I've tried my fair share of perfumes. It's just so fresh and clean, and I just love the woody undertone. I completely disagree with your claim that it smells worse as the day goes by; I find that it actually smells even better towards the end of the day, as it takes on this pleasant, warm, musky scent. Whenever I wear it, I always receive numerous compliments, so I don't quite understand why so many people dislike it.

  8. bluemysweetheart

    i love that perfume … i don't get the "barbie doll vanilla plastic" thing

  9. Katie Puckrik Smells

    I've come around to appreciating the Beat since I shot this video 3 years ago, I must say…

  10. i love the beat. I don't agree with you at all!

  11. the beat smells alot like SAKI by fresh

  12. Perhaps the worse "burberry" i ever smell! Much better London (i'm i wrong or it's not truly persistent this last?). Try next time Burberry! Compliments for your reviews: i found them interesting and funny at the same time!
    Greetings from Italy!

  13. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @alanahughes88 Welcome to the crazy train of perfume obsession. It's fun to try different fragrances…it's almost like adopting a different attitude or personality with each scent.

    Some lovely day perfumes I like are: Prada L'Eau Ambrée, Hermes Eau des Merveilles, Love, Chloe by Chloe and Escale à Pondichéry by Christian Dior.

  14. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @lizzyruff Thanks so much for your kind remarks! I'm afraid I've not made my way around to Burberry the Beat for men yet, so I don't have a personal take to share with you. I do hear it's a peppery, somewhat leathery fragrance that comes on strong and takes a while to settle. If people like it, that's a good sign.

  15. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @hollybee43 It was the EDP, all right. Since I did this review 2 years ago, I've softened on my meh-ness about The Beat. I appreciate that it's a good non-sickly sweet option for perfume lovers.

  16. Are you sure you didn't try the EDT? I can't see anyone hating the EDP…everyone I've talked to is crazy about it. the two are entirely different scents.

  17. …i received it from my bf….he sayed :" this thing comes with me" when he was in an airport…..but in the end….it's not in my sense….i don't understand nothing of it….i put it as a summer sent….i'm disapointed of this burberry….

  18. @KatiePuckrikSmells Yay! I just bought Burberry Classic. Glad to hear it's "Katie Approved!" :) A review on that one would be awesome!

  19. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @chblsm I do have Burberry Classic on the list – I love that one! And I'm sad that Burberry phased out The Beat Intense Elixir – that one really improved on the original The Beat. I shall take your note and work up some more Burberry reviews.

  20. Katie Puckrik Smells

    @Gisellle818 Thanks. And thanks for reminding me to review Burberry Classic. I think it's gorgeous!

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