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The Beat by Burberry Fragrance Cologne Review (2008)

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  1. i use it in spring and summer too, the citrus pups up and the pepper feels toned down

  2. I use it for spring and summer andI love it

  3. any similarities to Gucci Pour Homme 1 or Rocky Mountain Wood with Burberry Beat?

  4. do they go bad Ive had it for a while… i like it tho.

  5. I love the Beat! I love London too but Brit is not my type of fragrance.

  6. I love this fragnance, the top is fresh and great and the drydown is mixture of pepper and citrus. Great on from Burberry. I like London and Brit too 😀

  7. This stuff is horrible. Most people who smell it on you won't have a chance to "get used to it"; They'll just think you stink of some weird and synthetic violet/pepper concoction. I love some Burberry frags (especially London), but this one is a failure.

  8. I ACTUALLY DIG THIS SHIT REALLY BAD… LIKE AM A FUCKING ADDICT TO IT >_> it lasts pretty long on my skin, BUT IT LASTS FOR FUCKING EVER ON MY CLOTHES! xD and once i went 4 with it… my head got fucked. and the smell lingered in my room even after i took my clothes off… as if it was a room spray…lol but I DIG! 😀

  9. my friend has this cologne and he was wearing it when we were hanging out. it was a very strong smell, and i smelt a strong like… ketchup-ish odor. it wasnt pleasant at all. i was like "bro….. you reek of ketchup" aha. my two other friends also agreed that it smelled like ketchup.

    this cologne actually sucks. guys please do not wear it.

  10. @Klaublm you got to give it a try i bought the beat and allure , i just finished the beat today i am in love with this scent thinking of gettin again , where as my allure is still half. it has a green note but at the end when its nearly to die, but still u get mostly peper.

  11. @jlilaj My box was mashed up by the parcel service! The box is kinda stupidly large though! 😛

  12. this or the brit ?

  13. Yeah, the pepper smell is very apparent, but it does have a fresh scent still.

  14. He's right. I smelt nothing but pepper when I first smelt this fragrance. But maybe I should give it another chance. Maybe it's on of those fragrances that grow on you.

  15. I really agree with this video, I really kind of hated The beat when I first got it. But it grew on me a lot. I definitely like it more once it's been on a while and mellows out. Super spicy and fresh, I don't get the citrus notes much. Not my favorite cologne, but drastically far from the worst.

  16. @fitzyboy19792008 nah mate, it is the most elegant and long lasting from the burberry house !

  17. Very late. But, this just smells like pepper on me. Nothing else. I kept trying for about a week, nothing but pepper. Got a 3.4oz bottle, hardly used. It almost makes me sick. I'll be dumping this on a friend for about $10. How does Burberry make Brit, London, and Weekend, then this pepper piss. I don't get it.

  18. @aztecstomp I smelled so much shit since than i cant even remember lol. I liked it tho. It wasnt the BEST, but it was kind of appealing.

  19. lol. same thing happened to me, When i first smelled it i was like bleh, it smelled kind of weird to me, Than i started to like it. It has like a boozy kind of vibe. hard to explain. I like it. I don't find it as peppery as everyone says though.

  20. Hmmm weird I put some on today in Kohls and I ABSOLUTELY loved it! I didn't get any pepper from it at all! It was very citrusy! I got a lot of like a lemon scent from it! It instantly energized me and personally I loved it so I will probably get it and my mom loved it to!

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