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Terre d’Hermes review

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  1. Amazing stuff ! Nothing smells like it. I own the parfum and EDT, love them both

  2. This is so underrated, I think this is easily in my top 5 of all time.

  3. I have tried several samples of Terre d Hermès and I'm confused by all the glowing reviews, because I can't stand this scent on paper or my skin. I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is but there is something rancid and chemical about the scent to my nose. I find it impossible to wear. I respect the expertise of all the reviewers who praise this fragrance so, I imagine the fault is with me. I asked my wife twice her opinion and she said "it's ok" but never "I like it". The dry down is a little better but I think that is because I can't really smell it as well. Definitely not for me.

  4. ben je een belg?

  5. Great  Cologne..Very Unique

  6. great review, man. just dont look so sleepy and try different scenery. i'd love to see your channel move up in yt world

  7. who is the song ?? i know !! DADURE SANDSTORM !!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lex Ellis (Lex Arcaro)

    What's the name of the song in the video? 😛 aha kidding! I just had to! xD

    Excellent review, I really need to buy this one, it should be in my collection by now

  9. Great review Steve!!! It made go out and buy a bottle! :)
    Amazing fragrance!

  10. Great review Steve please get in touch cologneclub@gmail.com or @cologneclubuk thanks :)

  11. Saturday Car Fever

    Another really nice review mate. For the scent, my ratings 9,5/10 :) Fantastic, masculine, and very fruity (mostly orange to me) smell.

  12. Excellent review!
    Subscribed :D

  13. Excellent review!! 

  14. All your reviews are enjoyable because you are to the point, without extraneous clutter. I especially loved your take on Terre d’Hermès because it is my very favorite scent in my limited collection! For me, the fragrance is without peer. So I understand why this was your signature scent and continues to hold your interest. 

    I grew up on a farm in Midwest USA; when I first smelled Terre d’ Hermès I immediately, and in a personal way, recognized what perfumier Ellena sought to capture in his composition. To me the opening was of almost-over-ripe oranges and grapefruit, and those lingered as other notes appeared. You did not mention, or did not perceive, a metallic note which I believe is flint; that note contributes significantly to the fragrance’s “earthiness.” Each time I wear Terre d’Hermès I swear it “changes,” because I detect different accords at different times in its life cycle. 

    Recently I was seated in a doctor’s office waiting room and the man who sat next to me politely left the room; at the time, I thought nothing of it. But later that day it occurred to me that I probably HAD over-sprayed Terre d’Hermès. So yes, it is possible to experience nasal fatigue causing one to over-spray! 

    Please continue your thoughtful reviews. 

  15. hèhè Darude – Sandstorm, I get it ;)

  16. My mistake, i just looked and theyre 500ml not 1 litre lol

  17. Top review man, one of my faves for sure, i got the 200ml pure perfume for a great price about 2 years ago and used it all in about a year lol, i have the 125ml p.p refill now which is almost empty, have you seen the limited edition 1 litre bottles? They are are insane!! Almost as insane as the 1 litre bottles of black afgano on the nasomatto website

  18. I have the EDP and I couldn't be happier with the scent, performance, compliments just amazing:-)

  19. Great review! 😊

  20. Goddam that's a well-composed video! There are two halos just behind you highlighting your head and the bottle perfectly. Slick and sleek. Echt graaf! 👍

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