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Terre D’Hermes Fragrance Review | Handsome Smells

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  1. I have tried several samples of Terre d Hermès and I'm confused by all the glowing reviews, because I can't stand this scent on paper or my skin. I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is but there is something rancid and chemical about the scent to my nose. I find it impossible to wear. I respect the expertise of all the reviewers who praise this fragrance so, I imagine the fault is with me. I asked my wife twice her opinion and she said "it's ok" but never "I like it". The dry down is a little better but I think that is because I can't really smell it as well. Definitely not for me.

  2. Great review Sir First time I tried this I was put off at first by the massive pepper orange note at first spray but this quickly became my go to summer scent when I want to feel like a bad ass Really hard to find a citrus that could do that

  3. Excuse the late comment, but I am just now catching up with all your reviews. This review is spot on (in my humble opinion). When I want to impress with “masculinity,” Td’H is what I reach for and, as you said, it is definitely not a scent for a woman. 

    Exploring Td’H in my first few days’ wearings I found a somewhat metallic note I knew I had smelled before—but could not quite identify. Research at a few on-line sites revealed that the note was flint! I had grown up on a farm and, indeed, then is when I had smelled flint before. I describe the orange note as “over-ripe, but not yet rotten.” Love your reviews!

  4. Excellent review!Enjoy this stunning fragrance:)

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