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Terre D’Hermes Cologne/Fragrance Review

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  1. You said "definitely" 9 times in this video. That's about one "definitely" every 15 seconds.

  2. I like that your reviews are short and sweet and straight to the point.

  3. got it few days back 😉

  4. awwwwsome thing i love it and the girls too :) 😀

  5. Hey Cris check out indoleholic (channel)

  6. you say the word definitely a lot in many of your reviews. Just saying

  7. you say the word definitely a lot in many of your reviews

  8. definitely.

  9. @cformosa4 Indeed a major difference. I just purchased the 2.5 parfum version. It has more of everything,think edt on steroids,lol. It's more of a good thing thats for sure.

  10. @ladypojkfroken the parfum is stronger I own the cheaper one. But I will buy the more expensive one.

  11. One of my all time favorites as well. Have you tried the pure parfum version? Would be interesting to hear your views on that one, I sure like the parfum version better. Also, have you compared it to Cartier's Déclaration? Btw, I like to layer Terre d'Hermès with Eau de Gentiane Blanche, also by Hermès/J-C Ellena. For a more tart grapefruit note and a bit white musk that blends very well with the rest.

  12. this one is amazing
    I just bought the perfume version

  13. Great Review As Always Cubby!

  14. Great review, thanks!

  15. Nice review! And, if I may, you have good taste in music, too. What's this song?


  16. @cformosa4 thanks, i appreciate it.

  17. Just picked this stuff up, really diggin it!

  18. cubby one question how do you decide what to wear with such a big collection i get confused with 14 bottles. and have you made a collection vid would be nice to see your collection.

  19. @Nextman916 an indie band called Zero 7 the song is called Swing.

  20. hey cubby whats the song in this?

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