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Terre d’Hermes by Hermes: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. thank you. gonna compare the prices between the perfume version and the EDT tomorrow and make my decision on which to buy 

  2. lol – it's good good stuff…

  3. undesireablefashion

    The second I heard Sparks playing, I knew I had to stay for the entire review.

  4. you are one of my favorite noses! keep up the awesome work.

  5. You are very sexy. I like playfulness. i love vetiver and I want to get my nose on this one.

  6. Les dudes ahoy

  7. Thanks Katie. I enjoy your videos. Very helpful… and entertaining! How many sprays do you recommend of this parfum?

  8. I can't decide which to buy! :( 

  9. I love this frag. I love you more Katie….wit yo fine self..?

  10. Wonderful as always Katie Puckrik, but it is interesting to see how much more comfortable your reviews became over time… the early ones feel scripted and performed and the later ones feel spontaneous (though perhaps they are just as scripted for all I know). They are all charming, and if you are someone who doesn't know perfumes, this woman is an expert!

  11. you are hilarious and quirky and bright! your reviews are not the least bit pretentious and are also comically enlightening. subscribed!!!

  12. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Perfect! It means it's working.

  13. i fall in love with myself when i wear the parfum.

  14. Raaaaaaawwwrrrr … Sprayed it on myself last time I went to the mall saw it displayed tester spray and Dang! This EAU is very GOOD.

  15. @happybuniek All's good with my bottle now. I'm not sure what the deal was with the first few sprays but it's like a completely different scent now. Much more like I've heard, with the orange scent. I absolutely love this stuff now, I think it has been reformulated in recent years, though. My bottle is incredible, with longevity and projection. The original must've been out of this world. But yeah, really happy that I bought it. Yardley Citrus & Wood is good, too.

  16. nice.check out my vids too

  17. This is the shit that causes women to fall all over me. Truly causes many Hai Karate moments.

  18. I just bought this but it doesn't smell anything like describe here. It smells like Lemmon and musk. That's it. It's really weak, too. Like, I can't smell it unless I spray some on my wrist and stick my nose up against it. I'm seriously disappointed because I've wanted this frag for a few years. I'm thinking it's either the scent is somehow different now or maybe I just got a spoiled bottle.

  19. Seriously, I lol'd when you growled during this review after the 'grapefruit attack.' Like the review.

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