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Taylor Swift Talks Boys!

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  2. I love Taylor, and I'm not hating on her, I just find it hilarious how she says she "doesn't want a constant stream of boyfriends."

  3. 2:302:40 isn't that a bit hypocritical for her to say that considering her history 😂

  4. I want to meet Vanessa Hudgens, I'm her #1 fan…. i just burst into tears when i hear her songs thinking about HSM and hugging my stuffed toys…T_T

  5. She's hilarious

  6. Taylor swift you should be boyfriend with Justin beiber

  7. Love Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Interview The Talk <3
    Click here: #gKJSu9HjgKg

  8. Yet if she knew a guy with no girlfriend she would be saying "What the hells wrong with him?"

  9. I wish I am 24 or 27 years old so I can be her loving angel.. I love her soo much!!!! <3

  10. I adore that sweet little great artist!!!! She's soooo smart and funny. It is impossible to not liking her

  11. I love I tay tay your so pretty talented fun your my role model you are the best singer ever my room has a bunch if posters of u I know all of your songs I know everything about u

  12. Michael Drew Harris

    ellen brings out the best in taylor

  13. just another person on the internet hi

    GUYS , it's her life who cares who she dates. I'm sure she is sick of people caring. If you where famous you would date a lot of people too.The only reason why it looks like she dates more than she does ,is because the media as constant Focus on her. TELL ME WHAT ELSE SHE IS SUPPOSED TO WRITE ABOUT IN HER SONGS.

  14. ''take it from me, you don't need boys'' FAITH IN MY FUTURE RESTORED.

  15. why every one blaming about bullshit to her she may be right ? different people has different thought ,it's her style.

  16. how old was Taylor in this video?

  17. When she started laughing bout spraying stuff on kitties. Taylor, you naughty girl!

  18. I don't like her, she had a boring personality… Call me whatever, but she's just lame. I can't even end this interview.

  19. she is the cutest😍

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