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Taylor Swift Incredible Things Perfume Review

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  1. Could you describe the difference between Incredible things and Taylor by Taylor music box version?

  2. Consumer Grade Tech

    T swizzle fan for life

  3. Mónica Coronado

    Out of all the Taylor Swift perfumes, which one do you think is the best? I am a TS fan myself and was wondering which one would be worth my money? +AtheS perfume 

  4. ???????

  5. There was apparently a 13 on the neck/bottom of the neck for Taylor and Made of Starlight :) but it's really really hard to find.

  6. Olivia Benson's Swifties!

    Sounds like the same smell as Taylor

  7. Ballerina Jaquez

    so excited ,I already ordered a gift set it comes with the perfume cream and body wash of taylor swift incredible things  from kohls I got a sample in magazine and it smells heavenly

  8. i actually really like the vibe i'm getting from 1989, honestly much more than Red.Did that make any sense ? Idk.

  9. See now! I like me some Taylor swift but am super honest. Only cause I like some of her music doesn't mean that I need to kiss her ass all the time or hide how I really feel. That be said lol xD am gonna be honest I don't like this bottle at all. I know Taylor is old at heart but it's almost as if every fragrance she release starts to look older and older just by the packaging. That looks like something my grandma would have. 

  10. You are so so lucky I can not wait to get my hands on a bottle already 

  11. I actually love the bottle, name, and design. It really reminds me of the speak now album, the colors tie in well together. The notes seriously sound amazing I'm definitely getting this one. 

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