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TAG: My Perfume Collection

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  1. With ur range of deep strong perfumes (which I love btw) I am quite surprised you like viva la juicy. Watered down excuse for a perfume….. why does EVERY ONE own that bottle of tosh? 

  2. I liked watching your video…..very nyc collection!

  3. AgentDouble Oh Soul !!

    I love your accent.  You have a most exquisite perfume collection.  No cheapskate, you.

  4. Cinéma ysl yummi i love this one!!

  5. You need to stop bragging about how you have a "large" perfume collection when it isn't even large LMAO. It's an average collection, most women have more. Definitely overhyped your collection.

  6. I am French and I love the way you say French words! ^^.

  7. I just started subscribing to your channel and, I love it. I enjoy hearing your reviews.

  8. Jerusha, have you tried the new angel aqua chic? If so what do you think of it? please reply to me! thanks

  9. Can I have ur chance if ur not gonna wear it

  10. You have so many scents! :)

  11. Sometimes the samples smell different than the actual bottle since they are normally in plastic containers.

  12. I have the gucci one

  13. What kind of chanel chance do you have?

  14. Angel is a very heavy perfume, almost unisex but very good, i like it alot! And it last forever on your skin.

  15. You should try the chanel chance eau fraiche :)

    Seems like you like the muskier, but the chance eau fraiche is floral and heavy yet fresh.

  16. OMG we have so many of the same perfumes!!!! Love it! You are the best! love your videos! You are awesome!

  17. missfashionable100

    if you like heavy perfumes, than you should try out the Tom Ford- Black Orchid, i would like to know what you think about this fragrace :)

  18. @JerushaCouture it's freeeeeeeezing!!!! i just made a hot cup of coffee, and it's already cold – not even a minute from pouring this cuppa… i hate winter :(

  19. @jazzitupstyle
    Right!!! So true Rach It was my day off just a relaxing T..
    Thanks so much your so sweet!!!

  20. @applejulz
    Yay Signa!!!! Thanks so much for watching!!

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