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Surprising Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Related

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  1. that terrible moment when your favorite singer ( Avril Lavgine) is related to the worst singer of all!

  2. nick young(basketball player for la lakers) and kendrick lamar are 1st cousins .did you know that?

  3. Idek what a 3rd cousin is. Also, what does it mean to be removed?

  4. Canal iza Rock STAR


  5. We are all related period

  6. Everyones related


  8. damnn justin..back at it with heaps of cuzins again

  9. TheGhostlyGamer115_

    All lies.

  10. Ryan Gosling?!?!?!?! Justin Bieber?!?!?!?! Celine Dion?!?!?!?!

  11. There is no way Justin Bieber is related to Ryan Glosing

  12. 0:37 lol

    Eli Manning: football guy

  13. I'm surprise that I didn't see Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts

  14. I get the feeling that most of these "facts" are made up. But even if they're true, there isn't much substance in this video when you claim someone's related because they're 10th cousin's 3 times removed. You're really reaching at that point.

  15. I love Ryan Goslings tag! lol

  16. well…gotta feel sorry for Ryan Gosling…

  17. Ryan Gosling: dream manifested into reality ahahahahahahah

  18. Dang, those people are related to Justin Bieber?

  19. you realize everyone is related….

  20. # Hunger games yesssssssssss 😁

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