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Sunday Scents: Top 5 Perfumes

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  1. Excellent review! So informative and helpful

  2. you ca still buy the escada moon sparkle online but i think the price was highered since i bought it last which sorta sucks :/ love the dior one its what i wear daily! gorgeous smell and get tons of compliments on it

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  4. High Carb Whole Foods

    Nice video! Yeah, I really miss the old Miss Dior Cherie as well. I don't even want to purchase another Dior product because of that whole fiasco. And the Escada limited editions drive me crazy! I remember falling in love with Moonsparkle at the counter and then being told by the sales associate that it was limited edition. Why don't they just keep the most population editions in production? So annoying!

  5. Yogadivasdivinelife

    My top 5 favorite (currently) would be: Flowerbomb, Alien, Coco Mademoiselle, Jimmy Choo, and Estee Lauder Sensual Noir

  6. Makeup, Musings & Mechanics

    oh right! yes they are both very pretty and last for ages! you should try elie saab it seems like we have similar taste. i'm in love with it at the moment!!

  7. beflamboyantreviews

    I do love that version, I actually meant to buy that one and picked up the wrong box and didnt realise until I got home. But oh well I love flora gucci so much now that I dont mind.

  8. Makeup, Musings & Mechanics

    oh no i was talking about the old eau de parfum, i'm not a fan of either edt. so sad its been discontinued :( omg i love prada candy! i have a bottle of it but i'm trying to finish up my older fragrance so they won't go bad before using it. it smells so cosy. Flora gucci is nice have you tried the eau fraiche version? its lovely for spring!

  9. beflamboyantreviews

    Also these are all also my fav fragrances too! Except the round purple one which I dont have (i think that you said its discontinued anyway) I also love prada candy and flora gucci.

  10. beflamboyantreviews

    I actually prefer the new miss dior. I tried it next to the old edt and it just seemed so much smoother and easy to wear, whereas the old edt was abit screechy and had a plastic vibe to it.

  11. if you ever you need something from here..let me know sweets..I'll be more then happy to send them to you. !!

  12. omg, you've answered my prayer. I didnt know how to send you a personal msg with the new setting n all sorry!!..can you email me at nzaman09@yahoo.com..Please send me the total for 5 pencils(let me know if you can get the revamped version of the supershock cuz that's what I recieved) including shipping and also If it's not too out of your way can you also include a few pout paints by Sleek? Let me know nd I'll send you a list..and we will take it from there. Luv ya!!

  13. Makeup, Musings & Mechanics

    @1supernisha oh brilliant! that's great, i'm so glad you like it! i wouldn't mind sending you some, i have a paypal account! :)

  14. you were riiiiiight, the eyeliners are absolutely amazing..it ;s all worth but I dont think I will purchase them from ebay anymore, if you know someone who would be kind enough to send me a few more of those pencils by mail , let me know and I will send them the money via paypal prior (I dont mind stocking up, I dont want to ever run out of them!! thnks a bunch sweets for introducing these gems to me!!

  15. Makeup, Musings & Mechanics

    @TheMimi90s its called moon sparkle, so lovely!

  16. Makeup, Musings & Mechanics

    @bprincess101 haha i cant help it, i love perfume 😀

  17. perfume queen =p

  18. Makeup, Musings & Mechanics

    @clothesandcurls ooh! it sounds really good, will definitely give it a go! i know tom ford is super expensive but everything looks so tempting lol. aww thanks, glad you enjoyed :)

  19. Makeup, Musings & Mechanics

    @pinkabuki i know, but i had a bad experience :( i bought a discontinued fragrance online i bought two and one smelt really odd and the other just didnt have much smell left so it was a waste of £40. have you had any better luck?

  20. Makeup, Musings & Mechanics

    @shazxxxxxxx16786 haha thank you! 😀 i know britney spears perfumes are soo nice! they are really affordable and last ages! Lol get it! it smells so good and lasts quite a while, the bottle is pretty too!

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