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Summer Get Ready With Me! Sunshine & Bicycles! | Estée Lalonde

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  1. your makeup is always my favourite part to watch!

  2. Wulaninka Pratiwi

    you are so beautiful . never get bored to watch your vid!

  3. Hannah Cockshutt


  4. Where is your round mirror from?

  5. Hi Essie! Love your videos!! Have you thought about applying some castor oil (mixed with coconut or almond oil) on your eyebrows? It's really good for promoting hair growth and thickness. It works on eye lashes too! A little for me goes a long way.

  6. My 2nd favorite youtuber. <3

  7. Did reggie wink at 6:57 😍

  8. Loving the sunglasses- Actually, I'm just about to buy them myself! :)

  9. I love that Aslan was also filming 😀 yoy guys are too CUTE! Ugh. Reggie is such an adorable dog gah you three are just adorable and amazing I keep looking forward to your videos 

  10. Lisa Shakespeare

    Hi there! I am a new subscriber & love the videos I have seen so far! I have been wanting to buy the Benefit Gimme Brow for some time but as makeup is quite expensive here in Australia, I have been hesitant but seeing how good it looks in your brows, I may have to splurge & buy it! May I ask what shade you wear? My hair is a little darker than yours but I also don't want to have too dark eyebrows & make my brows the first thing people notice about my face! Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you :)

  11. You are so freakin cute

  12. Stephanie De La Melena

    Reggie! He is such a Cutie! 

  13. Love the vibe to this video, Essie! Makes me proud to be Canadian :)

  14. Another great video :) You are definitely my fave you tuber :) !!

  15. You're really pretty!

  16. I think your eyebrows are at the best in this video! 

  17. CosmeticsCounsel

    even though this is really simple, I actually kind of love it. The lip colour is so nice, and I'm loving the perversion mascara– I need to try the subversion!

  18. Aleksandra Węglarek

    jeezes Essie You are too pretty!:)

  19. Estee, is that definitely Just Peachy lipgloss by Tanya Burr? (not calling you a liar). Just that I purchased it after I saw this video and it's a COMPLETELY different colour!? :/ (curious).
    Really loved this video though! xx

  20. Alexandra Oliveira

    how old is estée?

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