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Subscriber’s Choice : Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance Cologne Review (1994)

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  1. This is an work of art, if you get the Italian version that is.

  2. Is it just me?? I really get a very feminine vibe in this fragrance. I would say Midnight in Paris by VC and Harpels a unisex fragrance, but this one to me is super feminine. I can't stand it, I smelled it in different stores to give it a try, and it's really disgusting…..

  3. +robes08 hey rob. Is this the reformulated version you are reviewing and if so, is it still a scent that's gonna last a long like the non reformulated one? 

  4. Dude, a pile of lavender in the opening! Holy crap it is a lot.

  5. All right! But that is not 1994 version of Dolce & gabbana pour homme

  6. Citrus citrus citrus… i HATE citrus fragrances, they are everywhere….  give me a bottle of Fahrenheit or Pure Malt any day… smell like a man !.

  7. Had a bottle of this many years back… thinking of buying another bring back them memories of the good old day's very nice deep rich fragrance would highly recommend thanks.

  8. I've used this cologne since I was 20, always gotten complements on it.

  9. Buying a perfume is no mean task. A great deal of research goes into it.

  10. (I am not saying there's vetiver and sandalwood in this scent, by the way.)

  11. I couldn't agree more with you, Anand. There's an undesirable surfeit of pepper in this scent. I am not fond of that note. Likewise, to my olfactory machinery, a combination of vetiver and sandalwood is plainly revolting.

  12. Have I misspelt your name? I am sorry if I have. Is it Marc with a C?

  13. I bought this scent at random. Not a blind buy though. I had tested it out, tried it on and at that point of time I seemed to like it. I must have been fooled by the surrounding molecules of other perfumes and colognes I had tried on. The coffee beans obviously were not doing their job all too well. So anyway I went ahead and bought it. To tell you the truth, I liked the velvety deep blue box better than the actual fragrance. To me, the peppery dry-down was a complete downer: the aromatics had started off quite well, but then eventually I realised that the bottom most notes were not so much to my liking. And then, there was a time when I had to get through with it in order to get it over and done with- that's really not good for a perfume's reputation. I have recently purchased a pour homme by L'Occitane en Provence. It was a similar mistake that I had made after all these years. I had been once again taken for a ride by those volatile molecules of other scents. I liked it when I'd tried it on, but when I wore the juice at home after shower, it brought back those unsettling memories of having worn something eerily similar in the past. An discomfiting déjà-vu, if you like. I had similar experiences with Kenzo Jungle L'Éléphant and Éden by Cacharel. An intimidating incense-based fragrance that you will have to learn to love. Not for every nose, this. In the final analysis, fragrance reviews, especially such excellent ones as those of the likes of Mark, are extremely helpful in giving one a rough idea about a certain scent. But always make a point of testing a scent out thoroughly before going for it. Keep up the good work, Mark. I absolutely adore your reviews. You display soundness of knowledge and very good presentation skills. God bless!

  14. Got the 4.2 for $45 

  15. This cologne smells great and it lasts long! You can't beat that!

  16. When did Old pour homme production ended in Italy? 

  17. Hello Marc. I have heard that the new reformulation of 2012 (made in UK) is bad. any idea on that?

  18. David Castrillón

    Mark how would you compare this one with Dreamer by Versace?

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