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Subscriber ANSWERS!! My TOP 5 Gourmands(Sweet) Fragrance/colognes! What are yours?? xD

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  1. Just on scent alone Dunhill Desire (red bottle) is an AMAZING scent, but i could spray like 10 sprays all over my body and not smell it an hour or two later… it lasts for shit but on scent alone it is a very pleasant one.

  2. A*Men
    Play Intense

  3. le male has been reformulated, no where near as nice as it used to be

  4. (5) 1:22 ROCHAS MAN
    (4) 2:30 LOLITA LEMPICKA
    (3) 4:11 LE MALE
    (2) 5:06 PURE MALT
    (1) 6:20 A*MEN

  5. Your description of the scents is very unique, but very on spot.

    I really dig Rochas Man, but it really doesn't last long, which is a bit of a bummer. Maybe 3.5 hours for me until it's gone.

  6. wtf…did you go through my bathroom cabinet??? You just listed every single cologne I own!!

  7. rochas man is my favorite.

  8. Nice video! Where've you been lately?!
    Mine's L'occitane Eau des Baux;)

  9. there something funny about pure malt and A men
    is the sound when u spray lol

  10. i guess pure malt is the king  gourmands lol

  11. a*men, I love it :)

  12. You guys should try Thallium.

  13. my fav is rochas man. its my most complimented one, although i have not tried all these, rochas man is a very safe all round liked frag. I would like to try lolita lempicka but i don't like licorice

  14. Hey Tim how r u? vivek from Australia….can please give ur opinion and review on AQUOLINA BLUE SUGAR?..will u ever consider layering it with other perfumes?..eagerly awaiting ur review!!

  15. Personally, I love gourmand fragrances, but my girlfriend prefers my more masculine scents. She even prefers David Beckham Instinct over Tobacco Vanille!

    Any chance of a top 5 or top 10 list of masculine fragrances?

  16. Givenchy Pi
    Lolita Lempicka´s Au Masculin
    A* Men

  17. V&R Spicebomb
    Givenchy Pi
    Aquolina Blue Sugar
    YSL Homme
    Rochas Man

  18. I love your reviews very much , and My TOP favorite Gourmand Scent is A*Men too ! Keep Posting your reviews it helps everyone here very much including me ! and btw you're very helpful and funny too . xoxo

  19. 1. Angel Men
    2. JPG Le Male
    3. Hanae Mori

  20. your jacket is kickass!!! great review btw

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