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Style In Play by Lacoste Fragrance / Cologne Review

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  1. Ive gotten many compliments wearing this and many double takes by women.

  2. Great review for my favorite fragrance (Y)

  3. Hi there! According to fragrantica's listed notes, this Style in Play seems to be different from Lacoste Red. So, are they the same?

    P.S.: I love your reviews. Good job!

  4. This cologne is great. You should do a review on Lacoste LIVE, nobody has a review on that one.

  5. Great review as always Steven 😆 THAT BEARD IS AWSOME 😆😆

  6. hey, another great review, Steven..!!
    just curious, do you think this smells like Boss Bottled # 6? coz they do bear the Green Apple notes right?
    i own Boss bottled # 6 and i do love of how it smells, but for me it is kinda have powdery and creamy quality in it, so it feels too heavy sometimes..
    how about this Lacoste??

  7. Nice review!! I like this stuff, not enough to buy a bottle though, i recently got dunhill desire red which im loving at the moment, really impressed, they may share a few similarities but desire red is better imo, lovely sweet fruity apple and vanilla

  8. This is deffinitly a favorite of mine ! I especially love the woodsy notes once you get to the base. For some reason I only like wearing this in the fall though

  9. please review lacoste pour homme 

  10. Markie Highroller

    Great juice, great review , I must say the beard is looking epic 

  11. Oh wow, awesome! I pm'ed you requesting a review of this months ago, glad to see a review of it! Just wore it today actually… didn't care for it too much today, had pretty dry skin though. I'm not sure if I get too much of a green vibe from this (other than the apple, which I agree is synthetic but "good" still… I also agree that it's very playful/youthful, I wish I knew more scents in that category). I detect no vetiver, I do detect a slight cedar/woody base. I actually think this smells really good on clothing… it's the only one I ever spray on clothing because it seems to project for 40min only for me.

  12. Nice review, I love that fragrance, Thanks for the mention! 

  13. This was love at first sniff

  14. Have you ever heard of sterling pafums I bought one called armaf tag him smells really good nobody on youtube has done a review on the company they have a lot of different kinds of scents you should check the website out

  15. Ratings of Longevity, Projection , Versatility ?? :p :p 

  16. ‫أبو حسين‬‎

    Thank u so much,
    Plz can u do a review about creed aventus ?

  17. AGentlemansJourney

    I like this scent but not enough to buy a bottle. That beard is coming out nicely. I dare you to wear a plaid shirt and bam, Steven is a lumber jack :D

  18. Great review, Great fragrance. I see this as a good gym scent.

  19. Nice review…

  20. +Redolessence  Another great review, Steven. Thanks.

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