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STREET SCENTS Talking Old School Fragrances Part 3 Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

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  1. Ahh.. those times. CHANEL Antaeus, Cartier Santos, Oscar de la renta pour lui and Paco Rabanne pour homme. Back then men should smell like men!

  2. Would you do an ep on Horizon by Guy Laroche 1993? Would like to know if it's nasty and dated or a classic, thanks.

  3. review Hugo by Hugo boss

  4. still gets me compliments today

  5. Fabergé Brut

  6. Stetson 1981

    Every Xmas of my childhood somebody would get me this crap, nevertheless, old school.

  7. Great street scents I think you guys should talk about aramis, quorum, azzaro pour homme

  8. If ur boy loves soapy scents u need to put him on to mugler cologne.

  9. Do Lagerfield love it for the winter 

  10. I would love to hear both of your takes on YSL's Kouros.

    Awesome vid, love these old school talks! Takes me back to my childhood, especially Tommy Hill! 


  11. How about Versace Blue Jean

  12. I love Tommy but never gotten round to buying a bottle. It reminds me of my first trips to the USA. I remember the adds in Rolling Stone.

  13. Hey I've got a idea for your next video. Fragrances for the over 40s or gentle and fragrances.

  14. I definitely think original polo would be worthy of talking about or even polo crest for that matter. Another goodie would be versus by versace. Speaking of these older fragrances. Anyone know why the reformulations of them smell so awful and old man like. But the actual stuff we were wearing back then smelled young , fresh and vibrant. it's like they started soaping them up to smell old man like once they become classics. i dont understand why

  15. I've always liked Tommy. Every now and then when I go into target I'll spray some on and I always end up remembering how much i like it. memory lane cologne.

  16. Hi Al, hope you wont mind me saying that ur videos can be shorter if you cld pls stop repeating urself in the video, seems u r purposely trying to drag the video….don't waste our time, keep ur videos short and crisp and to the point….Cheers !!

  17. Tommy I had a big bottle of this in high school and loved it, I just might have to go smell it again and just might buy a bottle for old times, and yes I feel this can be rocked in 2015 !! 

  18. Heck yeah. The 90's brought honestly the best most unique stuff. Le Male,L'Eau d'Issey, CK One, Fahrenheit (1988, but close enough). Love to do a Le Male episode next

  19. Tommy is a classic of the 90's.
    The Preppy boy style that Tommy put forth came out with this particular fragrance and although it was big in the 90's, it's still good today ( like you guys say in the video )

    Definitely fresh and clean, a touch of a barbershop clean but not too much.

    Definitely for the Spring to Summer level the way Cedric mentions, I don't know if I'd like it as much in real hot weather, but the 50-80 degree F weather is the spot for this.

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