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Stirling Shaving Soap – Lather Review

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  1. I don't think they make some of those soaps anymore.

  2. I don't know how you get Stirling to lather so easily.  I have been having a real hard time getting anything thick going.

  3. at 2 minute mark, I was almost confused whether I was watching a MCAT/DAT review or a soap review.
    Nice work nonetheless.

  4. Good Review

  5. Hey Nick, thanks for the vídeos, im new to wet shaving. Any recomendations or tips for a guy with a thick beard and sensitive skin?


  6. search them on google, buy directly from their site

  7. entertainmentguy1984

    hey thanks for this review but when I looked this product up on amazon nothing comes up for them hhmmm

  8. Haven't heard of them! I will check them out

  9. Haven't heard of them! I will check them out

  10. Nick, look on ebay, as i'm scrolling through shave soaps, I'm seeing this ray's of Colorado shave soap, I think it says 2.5 oz or something for 5 bucks, free shipping, have some different scents, I'm thinking about picking me up a puck.

  11. Working on fixing that statement! Thanks for posting, I appreciate it. Leisureguy! Love your stuff

  12. It is inaccurate to say that tallow soaps are soft. Many tallow soaps, particularly those that are triple milled. But PrairieCreations and Queen Charlotte make tallow-based are quite hard.

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