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Spring Fragrance Haul {fragrancenet.com}

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  1. You are funny hahahah by the way try armani Si…. Oooo it is gorgeous. ;)

  2. to me marc jacobs daisy smells like bananas does anyone else agree or is it just me :p

  3. MyLoveForMakeup01

    Thanks for sharing!! Xo -Nikki

  4. I just ordered Downtown Calvin Klein. 

  5. I ordered Daisy for myself as a Mother's Day gift and it is actually waiting at home for me. Such a beautiful bottle isn't it? I love your little tray, I need to find one, right now my 4 bottles sit on my nightstand and it is not sexy or cute. 

  6. Melissa Millasaky

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I have been looking for new perfumes because after having my girls I swear it made it hard to wear perfumes!!! I became TOOO picky!!! 

  7. I'm new to your channel. Have been watching your videos for about a week already. Love your meal plans videos and make reviews…but today I'm requesting the look you have on! You look beautiful!!!

  8. Love those!!! And you!

  9. I love your makeup look!!! <3 beautiful!

  10. Marc Jacobs Honey has been on my wish list for so long!!! For me, it's the perfect spring/summer scent, because I LOVE warm, musky scents but don't want anything too heavy.

  11. Abigail Martinez

    Thanks for this video same taste here ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. I just looked up reviews of frangrance net and almost everyone said they bought perfumes from there and they were fake! Thanks for the video , I love all your videos but I just thought id let your subscribers know .. They might have just sent you real perfumes but for other regular customers it'll be bad… 

  13. Maybe I am missing it, but I don't see the coupon code either.

  14. I love perfume as well!  I suffer from psoriasis and eczema for about 5 years now.  It is under control, but I am very careful about scents on my skin, so I have always sprayed on my clothes instead.  I am very picky about perfumes.  I don't like anything too feminine or florally.  I like clean or musky evening scents.  For mother's day, my mom got me J Lo's glowing.  I love it so much, and I accidentally sprayed it on my skin, and didn't break out from it!  Idk if my skin is getting better or if that is just a perfume that doesn't bother me.  The bottle lights up when you spray it.  I also love lady gaga fame, katy perry's killer queen, Gucci rush, calvin klein's euphoria & philosophy's living grace and amazing grace. I'm definitely going to check out the website.  I have never ordered perfume online.  Thanks for the coupon code!!

  15. Colourful World Of Beauty

    Hi can u do another q & a video ??? I love your videos u always give me new ideas xxxxxx

  16. My husband is in Korea right now 

  17. May be I'm loosing it lol…but where is your coupon code?

  18. I might just be over looking the box but I don't see the discount code?

  19. I love similar scents to you! Clean florals! :) i am pretty particular with scents. I have heard so many good things about marc jacobs! :) i love your honest reviews!

  20. Spring/Summer Scents/Perfume Haul!

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