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Spring 2013 Beauty Haul!

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  1. I just picked up vintage bloom at tj maxx it smells amazing!!!!!  I know this sounds weird but it kind of smells like fresh laundry but in a really good way. 

  2. You rock that bright lip, sister. Great on you. I like Doll Face blush by Tarte would be gorgeous on you.

  3. Lip… Stick… Situation
    Haha 😀

  4. You'd love estee from essiebutton! Love your videos!

  5. Just found your channel and I love it! Keep making videos!

  6. Your lips are such a pretty color!

  7. thefourthchampion

    I tried the Maybelline colour whisper in the same shade and i really like it!! I'm super fair and I find its a really nice sheer, not too intense colour for my skin! Love your videos! :)

  8. I want to go to a Lush store!
    I don't think they have it in Illinois, and I dion't do online shopping.
    Bummer :(

  9. candy fluff dusting powder was my absolute fave!!! waiting for it to pop up on their retro page :( gonna have to go get that egg bath bomb then!

  10. Try the creaseless cream on your lower lash line with a neutral eye for a pop of color!

  11. I feel obligated to comment every time you almost drop something now. Plus Lush hauls are the best kind of hauls i get so excited omg

  12. Could you maybe do a video on how you manage your long hair? I know you did a how-to on curling it but I also have really long hair so it would really help! Thanks, loving your channel :)

  13. you're so pretty! :(( i'm so excited about this new channel <33

  14. I know you're mainly a beauty product blogger but you should do a "draw my life" video

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