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Smell Testing Celebrity Scents

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  1. My cousins bought me that Britney Spears 'Curious' scent when I was in high school, it was pretty nice if I recall.

  2. OMG I have all of them😱

  3. whats this "asian" girl's name? O_o

  4. Percabethisawesome

    Just realised its the other way around and gmm might be copying buzzfeed this was July and gmm was october

  5. Jane Gudol (LPS VET)

    "He's like every woman's man" yeah every woman that doesn't exist

  6. omg limited too

  7. britney spears' perfume smells really good xD


  9. smells like my grandma kkkkkkkkkk

  10. It smells like my grandma

  11. I'm pretty sure those were perfumes, right? Hats why they all smelled a little or a lot feminine?

  12. Wtf wheres avril?

  13. No Heat by Beyoncé?! No. Just no.

  14. if I had a fragrance if mine it will smell sweet like laveneder and a lot of vanilla

  15. Woah, it smells like a 13 year old girl. lol

  16. alot of you guys smell young kids….?

  17. "Kanye would not have designed this smell." Well no… Haha!

  18. "I kinds think its smells like Kim" – Rewinds to first comments….. Cheap & Basic. Yup – Sounds like @kimkardashian all right :P

  19. The Britney one smells really good & Rihanna's perfumes too.

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