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Smell Like Dita Von Teese

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  1. good point…..

  2. She smells like cotton candy even without the toilet water.

  3. Good question.

  4. Why would anybody pay to smell like a gross old whore with saggy tits?

  5. shut up old timer.

  6. She is famous for what? Her nose portrait?

  7. Wasn't she Marilyn Mansons main tease ? So, wouldn't she smell like Marilyn ? Who wants to smell that ?

  8. Because there will likely be a lot of money made and/or spent as a result.
    Yeah, I don't get it either.

  9. Corset with 1940's hair and make-up never ever fails.

  10. She is soo hot <3

  11. And in other news, this bitch has a porn tape. Go look it up. You're welcome.

  12. And this is news, because…?

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