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Shootout: Aventus vs. Jaguar Vision

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  1. AB spirit silver…….. don't really know why you'd pay 300 dollars for Aventus after smelling this stuff. It's that close.

  2. Hey guys wanted to know if you guys have tried Insurrection Pure II since it is a Aventus clone? which seems closer or better Vision or Insurrection Pure II?

  3. I´m waiting guys for the shootout of Aventus and Insurrection pure!!!

  4. silverss onyoutube

    i think that chopard noble cedar has a little similarities .

  5. No i do mean aventus. But tahitian waters by english laundry after the dry down does smell like aventus and viw had a love child. Very very similar. 

  6. Guys i have one that will stump you. Creed aventus vs tahitian water by english laundry. 

  7. 2:07 lol… EPIC

  8. this was really funny.

  9. Fragrance Bros-Pleeeease do a shoot out of Bleu de Chanel and Electric Blue from Belcam. Heard that this is supposed to be a very good clone and can be found at any Wally World for around $8-9!:) Love your guys reviews and shootouts, keep'em coming!!!

  10. similarity is there btween the too. aventus is NOT worth the money . projection and longevity sucks. save ur money buy vision if you like smell of pineapple

  11. Thanks for the video.

  12. haha! no prob. yep, that's in the works. :)

  13. LOL!!! definitely not an Aventus clone. i guess i liked it a little better than you, but, yeah, it's definitely cheap. :)

  14. Bought Jaguar Vision  because it was so cheap and decided to give it a try. God damn this stuff is bad! I think both of your reactions at the 1:09 mark says it all. I'd get more use out of some liquid ass. Sons a bitches!!! Lol……

  15. Another great video!! Thanks for the info on vision guys. Might just check this out now.

  16. Jaguar vision is just nasty on me. Hate it!

  17. Question: Is Jaguar Vision better than 1 Million when it comes to smell, regardless of classification and all? :)

  18. Khaled Al-Muraydhi

    the cake is a lie lol , great shoot out

  19. adding Lomani Essential right now! thank you!! i believe we had 1, but i'm not sure. but the one we had was whichever one is listed on fragrantica's site

  20. hmm. not really sure. whichever one is on fragrantica

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