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SHOES MADE IN ITALY: Salvatore Ferragamo

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  1. Good video, I believe it had the potential to be much more interesting and professionally executed but anyway. I like Ferragamo's ready-to-wear in general for both genders, but surprisingly not the biggest fan of their leather products or shoes and never owned or think I'm gonna own one (EXCEPT for a Tramezza!! I'll design my custom made pair one day at the store when I can afford the +$2000 price tag). Still my favorite Italian brand and almost my best brand ever is of course Armani. Absolute, utmost, out of the universe ingenuity and incomprehensible perfection of timeless classic, effortless sheer elegance, practicality and uncompromising comfort. I love both though cause Io amo l'Italia!

  2. Krassimir de Slavonian

    Milano is the most lovely town in the most classically tasteful country -Italy and Italy is in the most bewitchingly pretty continent on the Earth -Europe! I worship them!

  3. I bought mine (brand new and authentic) from a thrift store. They didn't know what they were selling… I feel a little guilty now. 

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