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Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

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  1. great! I love both Shalimar and Shalimar Initial . Initial is more airy and younger /

  2. could you make a review of samsara please? :)

  3. Hi Katie! I work for the Guerlain counter at The Bay here, and I have a harder time with this fragrance..I describe it as a heavy floral…but that it turns very creamy as it wears. its very different to me! lol something unique and refined for sure.  I love hearing your reviews!!

  4. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Thank you Galdra – really appreciate your comments – and your English is perfectly clear.

    There are so many perfumes out there, I'll never be able to cover all them…but I do what I can.

  5. Obs, sorry, some spelling mistakes there, English is not my native toungue.

  6. I love this perfume, however when I bought it, I thought I was getting the original. It is interesting how you comepare this with Flowebomb which I loved first when It came out,(dont care for it now), and my newest addision For her (musc Collection) by Narciso Rodriguez. I see that you have not made a review of Crystal Noire by Versace. Am I the only one who loves it? By the vay I love your channel, fun and intersting.

  7. I love it!I just sprayed it on my wrist today and cant stop smelling my self.I havent tried Shalimar Original though….I used to like Chloe eau de parfum and i still like it now ,but i think i m going to love this even more!Thank you for the sweet review ;-).

  8. hey katie, could you maybe do a review on Samsara by Guerlain?

  9. I want to thank you for this review. I purchased samples and I so love this remix of shalimar. Can you please review yves riocher shafali

  10. IT IS much more woody than sweet, but actually not fruity at all, I don't think it corresponds to what a typical sweet perfume lover desires … it's specially destined to be a spicy, strong, woody, incensy fragrance.

  11. You need to try it on your skin! The skin really warms up the scent and makes those sweeter notes more apparent… to me, anyway. You need to also think, if you end up wearing it, you won't be spraying it on paper.

  12. I have tried so long, and so hard to love shalimar. Smelled it many times, waited for it to go through it notes, etc. I just can't do it.

  13. Yay for Shalimar sandwich! I would totally have one right now!

  14. I thought it smelled like cigarette butts put out in cherry almond lotion …. All i could smell was this smoky almost menthol that just plugged up my nose covering a cherry vanilla spritz …. ick!

  15. Well, i love this version of shalimar.. its really amaizing.

  16. I read the notes and I really wanted to like this perfume, but there must be something wrong with my nose :( (and my mother's as well, because she thought the same thing). I went to Sephora this morning and spritzed a little on a paper strip, but I didn't find it warm, sweet and fruity at all. In fact, it smelled as dry and woody as if I had just put my head inside a wardrobe. I like woods, but I'm slightly disappointed in me for not getting all the wonderful sweet notes everbody raves about :(

  17. to me this perfume smells like fabric :) maybe I need to smell it again.

  18. Katie Puckrik Smells

    Interesting! Free your mind, and your nose will follow.

  19. You really changed my view on perfume, I always choose fresh, beachy scents, but I starting to like scents like shalimar.

  20. I had really high expectations on this one, and the bottle is just awesome! But, sadly, on my skin smelled like clean, fresh-out-of-the-package baby nappies. For me that wasn't a good thing, but I know some people like that kinds of smells… and it really lasts a long time!!!

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