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Shalimar by Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review

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  1. Thank you again for such a wonderful review I'm definitely going to buy this I love love love samsara and this smells wonderful too thank you 😃

  2. Could you please review L' air du temps by Nina Ricci and Arpege by Lanvin I have both these frags and they are the 2 best classic frags ever made still being sold today. I have a friend who wants a review by another person before purchasing L'air and Arpege. Please please review both perfumes! Thanks

  3. Wow, thank you for educating me on the uses of civet – whilst I was stroking my two cats! lol! I would love to try this fragrance (Chanel No5 has been around since 1921) that is all I know – other houses may have had fragrances out since that time too but we do not know which or what.

    Anyway, good review – I just hope I get to test it as the bottle looks so elegant!

    I did a practise run through of a fragrance review I want to do – as I am scared to do them without rehearsals, do you rehearse before you film or have in mind what you are going to say and do?

    I would love you to review Azzedine Alaia Alaia – see what you think of that one. It is brand brand brand new!

  4. Ah yes, Shalimar,  mysterious and haunting,  ghosts of past loves,  a romantic, voluptuous fragrance for present love,  a divine scent that brings to mind wonderful emotional sensations. It is rapture in a bottle. If you could hear and feel the scent of Shalimar, I would compare it to Beethovens Moonlight Sonata,  Rachmaninovs  Piano Concerto #2, and Liszts  Liebestraum #3. Go have a listen and see what you think. Shalimar is without a doubt one of the worlds most heavenly aromas.

  5. you should try L'Heure Bleue (1912) and Mitsouko ( 1919).

  6. Is it true that it smells a bit like Chanel n5?? I'm curious to know.. It's not available in the country.. 

  7. Anal glands?! Now that's bizzare!

  8. Jennifer Boardman

    Yeah Its pure class in a bottle I don't think you could go wrong with any guerlain perfume at all 😘, I think you should introduce us to bird lol xxx

  9. My wife and I love your reviews. Thank You keep up the work.

  10. Jennifer Boardman

    Yeah it's definitely a perfume people either love or hate I still love it 😏

  11. Jennifer Boardman

    Horses do smell nice, I love your perfume reviews I'd love to hear your thoughts on obsession which I wore all through the nineties 

  12. It is the ONE for ever. My favorite since the 70's!

  13. This was Princess Di's signature.

  14. You are not 32! At least you don't look it. I've been afraid to try Shalimar because I was afraid it would smell like this one old lady's perfume that this customer slways wore where I used to work. It would give me the biggest headache. I need to find a sample of this though.

  15. I've come back to your review of this in the light of citizen queen. Given the choice of the two which would you choose?

  16. Yes it has got a lot of twists!! Give it a go, & please be sure to let me know what you think!! We think it is Gorgeous!! Thanks for responding so soon!! I like scents that moves me, this one sure gets close!!

  17. Hello there…
    Love Shalimar too!! Have you tried the new Clinique, "Beyond Rose" works great in Winter!! PLEASE let me know what you think of it? Some Clinique fragrances have let me down in the past, but I think this one might just be a winner!!
    Keep Well Gerhard 😎

  18. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………………perfect review
    in Brazil does not sell this perfume :-(
    I would love to meet one day

  19. I just received a sample of this the other day and I loooove it! It's on my list of fragrances to purchase, for sure.

  20. very good parfume

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