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Sexy Men Colognes

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  1. Watch this with the English captions on hilarious.

  2. I didnt like this way for camera view…A bit dizziness

  3. I'd spray my squirt all over her

  4. Na wenn das mal nicht im Galeria Kaufhof in Bonn war :D

  5. What about givency play intens?

  6. hey i need help
    DHI edp vs bleu de chanel edp which one should i use ?

  7. Many girls would cum by just smelling Ralph Lauren Safari. I'm lucky that not so many guys know about it.

  8. Spa insert 10/10 :D

  9. I like her the fact she said she likes jpg le male. there are others that should be tried with the girls like issey miyake. 212 sexy men by Carolina Herrera. 212 VIP men by Carolina Herrera. strictly private by baldessarini, Valentino uomo, and floriental by comme des garcon

  10. What's wrong with boss bottled ?

  11. Nothing wrong with the girl.

  12. chanel egoiste smells like a grandma.oh this isnt right 😐

  13. NEEDYY!!! …..and high maintenance. Make sure to wrap it.

  14. Miss Germany??

  15. Jeremy should have told her not to smell DHI to close. He has a video about how to smell DHI.

  16. Provar perfume em fita olfativa é diferente de provar na pele.

  17. We can all admit she's the basic bitch. Lol

  18. i wouldve bust all kindz of nuts in her sugar wallz

  19. Jorge De Pavía Obregón

    Y'all forgot Terre D'Hermès

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