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Selena Gomez Vivamore Perfume Review

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  1. I'm not sure how the first Selena Gomez perfume or second one smells (because they don't sell it anywhere where I live), but which perfume would you say was really nice, the first or second one? :)

  2. Look more beautiful. In gold and white

  3. plz do a review on our monent by 1d and the key by justin bieber

  4. Do a reveiw on the one called too too

  5. Fame lady gaga !x

  6. PerfumeManiac101

    could you do a review on heat mrs carter?

  7. i reviewed pink Friday and pf special edition

  8. U r so good at reviews just keep it up and review more

  9. Please do a review about meaw by katy perry !

  10. Minajesty please !

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