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Selena Gomez Beauty Interview, New Fragrance, Bella Beauty Beat

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  1. i love her lips here,they are just so juicy and full pretty

  2. I have it and it's my favorite perfume

  3. Sel please never do this with your lips anymore. U have natural beautiful lips u dont need this kind of makeup/plumper or whatever u did. Remember u are Selena GOmez not Angelina Jolie and this is the reason why we love you!

  4. This perfume smells so freaking amazing I get tons of complements when I wear this!

  5. I'm fuckin jealous of that bitch she soo rich
    She also a smart business woman

  6. Thanks to the top comments, all I could look at through the entire interview was her upper lip.

  7. selena is awesome

  8. I want her to suck my penis with those big juicy lips mmmmmm!

  9. i am so happy becuase i'm going to macy's tomarrow to get it for a deal that comes with her pretty purse. it smells so good!!

  10. it's probably the lipstick/lipgloss she's wearing

  11. i think she has a plumb- lipgloss on :D!

  12. Astghik Kalashyan

    my relatives live there.will ask them to buy

  13. Same!:( i live in Ireland and i have no idea when it will be released by my neighbors the UK? or even Europe?:( x

  14. She always HAD lips like that! for some reason in this particular video they look to be very prominent!:)

  15. I think it's PERFECT. It wonderful looks and I want to buy it.I don't even live in USA.but will try to have that one day.

  16. She kissed Justin Bieber. They will never be the same again.

  17. Look at 0:36 xDDDDDDD

  18. What happened to her lips?! poor selena! :'( but i am soo happy that selena makes a perfume! x33

  19. SisDaKidProduction

    lol did justin beat her ? kidding

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