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Secrets (Extended) – Ralph Lauren | Commercial | OneRepublic

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  1. I always look at this video for diet motivation. And to watch the cute guy in green :)

  2. Mihaela Isabella Andrici
  3. Ryan tedder the best

  4. Can this be my life please

  5. I love this song 

  6. Love polo rL.. took me years to realise see this is Beter than Sean John rocawear etr..

  7. You know someone got laid that night. 

  8. This ad makes me feel like shit… but in a good way

  9. the guy in the green :)

  10. Everybody loves to see beautiful people, but this isn't real at all. I hope one day we will see real people as the true beauty:)

  11. I recently purchased a Navy Ralph Lauren Traveler Suit and I have to say it is by far the most comfortable suit I've ever worn. I took it out and tested it in the humidity and I sweat significantly less than with other suits. It breathes well, I must say. But I am glad I purchased it. It looks dashingly well on me. The label was not a full Ralph Lauren label, it was Lauren Ralph Lauren label at Macy's Dept. Store(a definite step up from the cheaper Chaps Ralph Lauren line). It was 600 full price. But I got it for 300. I am taking it with me to a 3-day International Bible Convention. Live it up, Ralph Lauren style…

  12. Meanwhile, in the land of douchebag.

  13. candice <3

  14. Simon Nessman is one of a hottie

  15. i couldn't watch it for more than around 25 seconds. The amount of beautiful people hurt my eyes

  16. Frances Contreras

    uhm where is this magical land

  17. I love it, my boyfriend has the fragrance # 3 with its name !!

  18. you would be having a tea party by now

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